Wednesday, December 5, 2012

CSI # 48

I shocked myself and actually solved two CSI cases in a row!  Loved the palette on this one.

I was so happy to capture the usual routine of what Lady does when she figures that she needs yet more love.  I used a mix of October Afternoon and Echo Park papers here.

I used a sketch from Kristine Davidson's eBook.

On the Christmas front, things are getting a little bit festive over here.  We have yet to put up the tree.  Maybe this weekend.  We took a quick trip to the greenhouse this past weekend.  Our greenhouse is amazing.  The display of decorated trees is beautiful and there are so many terrific gift items there. We came home with this!  I took this photo one morning after we had a frost set in.

I have never had a fresh arrangement before.  It is making up for our lack of Christmas lights.  We cheated and changed out our pot lights for a mix of red and green.  I hope my arrangement stays fresh long into the New Year!

Wishing you all a very festive day!



  1. Oh this page is fabulous!! I love the color palette and of course, all of your layers and bits. Aren't pets funny when they want attention? :) Laura's cats are quite pushy and relentless until you cave and give them what they want.
    I love your pot of evergreens. I always have loved those potted arrangements. They are so festive. I need to figure out how to make my own, I think, that I can fill our pots that we fill in the spring. I did add some twinkle lights to some bushes and wrapped lights around fresh garland and wrapped around my porch posts.

  2. Ah, special everyday moments. Bright and cheery layout.

  3. Great page Jennifer!! Love that cute photo series!! The mix of OA and EP works so well together on your layout and the colors from the Case File are really fun!

  4. I'm certainly feeling festive after this lovely post. Your frosty photo is a stunner and that layout has me wanting to hunt out some blue and green papers and make something!

  5. I love the fresh Christmas arrangement sitting on your porch. Your layout is gorgeous Jennifer...lady is a very lucky girl.


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