Saturday, December 8, 2012

This Winter Day

It is another crisp and frosty day here in Alberta.  I think that we are in for a long winter.  As is my usual tradition, I am trying to embrace the beauty of this season.  I'm trying to push away my feelings of wanting to hibernate until about April when the weather warms up and the yard begins to slowly bloom.  ;)

Today I took my camera out into the front yard to capture some winter "blooms".  I will hang onto the idea that there are beautiful blooms to be captured in every season.

 The blue sky and frost is giving everything a magical sparkle.  Santa would approve.  ;)

Rob and I headed over to the greenhouse to pick my mother up a Christmas bloom for her room.  This greenhouse is one of my favourite places to go during this time of year.  There are beautifully decorated trees, the smell of fresh greens in the air and my favourite thing, the amazing array of poinsettias.

There is even this cute little hut that houses special decorative lights and more Christmas decor.  I always think how if I was a kid I would think that this little spot was the perfect place to be.

I'll leave you with a photo that Rob took of our village at nighttime.

Hope you are all having a "Christmassy" day!  :)



  1. Pretty pics!!! We got a dusting of snow. We are supposed to get between 3-6" over night and the winds are supposed to pick up and become pretty nasty with 30-40mph gusts. Yuck and Brrrr!!!! Seeing your photos of the greenhouse make me want to take my kids to Como Zoo conservatory. I have not seen it in the winter with all the winter flowers.

  2. I wont share that my boys have been swimming today.....

  3. I agree... there is beauty in every season Jennifer! You have captured your cold season so well. Love poinsettias. Would you believe it if I tell you that I have never seen snow in real life? :O Thanks for sharing. :)

  4. There is so much beauty in each season. Your photos are beautiful. I love how poinsettias always captures the spirit of Christmas.


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