Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Happy "Tail"... Finally

Just a quick update to my last post regarding the ever so cute "Bandit".  Last night I was so sad to see this face had popped up on our local humane society web site.  They have named him "Pepper".

 I guess our information of his owners finding him the next day was wrong.  :(  It makes me so sad to think that nobody was looking for this little guy.  It makes me wonder what his story is and why he was wandering around outside, alone on such a cold day.  They listed him as only 10 months old with socializing problems and being very shy.

I immediately wished that I could apply for him.  My logic tells me that Rob would definitely be allergic to a terrier mix and that two dogs is enough for me.  Rob also suggested that if I decided that I needed to bring this dog home from the SPCA, the he would need to drop me off at the SPCA with instructions that I am shy in the beginning and like treats.  ;)

I went to bed last night knowing that he was in safe hands and that he would be adopted out very fast.  The small dogs always go first, especially when they are young.  Well, he was posted at 4pm yesterday and as of this morning he is gone!  :)   He will make a wonderful long-term pet for some lucky family.  So with this, I wish Pepper aka "Bandit" a truly beautiful life!



  1. I love happy endings...and giggled about Rob handing you in at the SPCA with instructions.

  2. I am glad there was a happy ending. I too am chuckling at what Rob said. ;) Greg was looking in the paper at an ad for Australian Shepherd pups. I could see the wheels turning in his head... I think I am going to send him up there with instructions! LOL Our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel was acquired much the same way (7 yrs ago), even though I didn't agree. I was firmly told it was his bonus check from work and he will do what he pleases. Hmm. We had a talk this morning and I told him again, no more dogs. We have two already and a cat. Truly if he comes home with a puppy, I will send him up to you!! LOL

  3. That's great news Jennifer! I'm so glad Bandit found a new family to love him. Now, you better watch out you don't land up in doggy jail with instructions. Lol! :)

  4. He's such a lovely looking fellow. If we were looking for a dog (and maybe we are, kind of..) a terrier mix would steal my heart, for aure


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