Wednesday, January 30, 2013


It is cold outside.... again.  It is supposed to warm up tomorrow but somehow I'm doubtful.  :(  The winter is wearing a bit long this year and we still have a few months to go.  We have had lots of snow and it started early but.... days like this are a great day for doing stuff inside.  I had got up this morning with plans of getting out my forensic kit and solving this case!  

Yummy!  My favourite palette.  But then my knitting starting calling out to me.  Hmm a relaxing day of knitting while the pups cuddle around sounded good.  Here's what I'm working on ~ cowls for Diane.

The first one I made is the ivory coloured one.  With the second one in "Heather Grey" I changed up my needles to a smaller size.  I tend to be a loose knitter so I liked the look of the tighter knit one.  I will be interested to see which one Diane likes best.  The looser one may drape a little nicer.

The "Cobalt Blue" cowl is what I am working on now.

It is in a seed stitch.  It takes a bit longer to knit because you have to keep moving your yarn back and forth from front to back but, it is worth it to produce the pattern of tiny seeds!

Here's to a creative day inside in PJ's!

You can't do that in the summer time!  ;)



  1. I love your jammies and matching socks!!! Hee!Hee!
    I love the scarves. The cobalt one has a next texture to it!!!

  2. No, you can't - that's a good point!

    Your knitting photos have a lovely cosiness to them

  3. It is wonderful that you have more than one hobby...and you knit so quickly too. I hope you get a few warm days.



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