Friday, January 11, 2013

CHA Window Shopping

So I think it is safe to say that the CHA sneak peeks for another season have come and gone.  Yes, I stalked them and studied them every step of the way and loved every minute of it!  Overall, I love the many soft palettes that have been revealed for this spring and bokeh seems to be a big thing this year.

Here are a few more items that have caught my eye.

I love Studio Calico everything!  I love it so much that I seem to hoard my SC collections.  I really need to cut into some of them!  This release was no exception to the awesomeness that they always release.

Sundrifter is my favourite!

Also loving the brighter palette of Here and There.

Loving these badges.

So happy to see the return of arrows!  Remember the huge arrows we used a few years back.  I still have some stored away and love them just as much today as I did back then.  This sheet of stickers has a lot of potential.

I always look forward to seeing what Crate will come out with.  They never disappoint.  This season, DIY Shop has me feeling that I might just "need" it.  ;)  It seems like a mix of Restoration and Portrait and I loved both of those lines!

Moving away from my biggest love, paper, there are some good things coming out that could help a scrapper have something new to use and still use up the paper they have on hand!

Loving these die cuts!

I have seen many scrappers use this idea.  Not sure if they cut their own with a die cutting machine.  I love the idea of filling these many units with a mix of patterned paper.  I believe these are from Jillibean.  It is all starting to be a blur now.  hee hee

My love for corrugated continues and so I am loving these from Jillibean!

Maya Road has these amazing little cameras!

 Loving the kraft and transparencies!  I think I have bought all of their previous similar releases of doilies and snowflakes.  So many great possibilities for these!

So that ends my lusting for Winter CHA.

Moving to the total opposite end of the spectrum, I am currently reading this book.

Totally enjoying being reminded of the joys of simple living but this couple is extreme!  They live in a 128 square foot home.  No fridge, a composting toilet and they have to shower at work or the gym.
If you would like to view a tour of their home, check out this.  

Well, I couldn't do it but they do send a valid message regarding the amount of stuff we have these days.  As I read this book I am reminded of my scrapping "stuff" just waiting to be used.  I still fall victim to the short lived rush of buying new supplies even though I know I have lots on hand to use up that I still love.  Somehow, shopping in my scrappy room and rediscovering some of my old treasure does not hold the same high as acquiring more new stuff. ;)  It's an addiction I tell you and I have it bad!  LOL  Well, I know I am not alone with my affliction so that gives me comfort.  hee hee  My goal is to try to focus on the joy of using up some treasure and the joy of having less stuff on hand to maintain and organize.  Historically I have failed,  on an epic level, every time with this goal but I still believe that it is important to keep hope alive!

Are you feeling strong this time around or do you think you might cave to the lure of these amazing new products that will be hitting our shelves soon?



  1. Ok... now that house is TINY!!! I don't know that I could do that. I agree that we have lots of stuff. I am in the process of going through what we have and paring down. I think about purchases. A simpler life would be a wonderful thing. I love their idea of no house payment!!!
    As for CHA, I haven't paid too close attention to new things. I do like a few things Jillibean is putting out. there are a few lines from other mfr, but I haven't seen them all. I am trying really hard to shop my room!! Lately, the only scrapping has been with DT products, which isn't helping use my stash either. LOL

  2. Oh.. Its all yum! Especially those divine little cameras.

  3. I just have to look at all the new sneaks and all my resolve not to buy goes out the door. I also love the new Studio Calico and the new MME of course.

  4. This CHA has been the first that I have made use of my Pinterest account but whether I follow through and buy anything is another thing. I haven't really bought too much in the last 12 months. I guess I've been lucky enough to get enough new products through DT work to sustain me ;). Plus I do love digging through my stash :). Although that Crate line as well as Maggie Holmes Crate line are really tempting me to splurge :).

    Also wanted to explain my "hubby's fault" statement on my new blog design :). I had never heard of scrapbooking before I stared. No Creative Memories parties for me or anything like that. After our first family holiday my husband bought me a scrapbooking kit for my birthday. He thought it would be a nice way to document that holiday. It took me weeks to open it, days to cut my first bit of paper and hours before I was brave enough to stick anything down. After about 3 pages I started to get sick of the kit embellishments and started investigating shops. Then I did a class. Then I found online shopping (and a local online shop whose owner became a great friend) and now here I am 6 1/2 years later with a whole room and enough scrapbooking products to keep a sc

  5. Woops hit enter too soon.

    Scrap shop in business. I'm not sure he is happy that his gift took on a life on its own but I know I am :). Plus I have met some amazing people who have become fabulous treasured friends who I would not have met had it not been for scrapbooking. :).

    Have a fabulous week :).


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