Thursday, January 31, 2013

No Buy Challenge ~ January Update

Well it is the last day of January.  A great time to update my readers on my first month without scrappy buying.  It was a very successful month.  I made only one purchase which fell into the "Okay to Replace" category.  I replaced my little black ink pad that is recently not stamping as crisp with a new big one.

It was on sale at Michael's for 40% off and then I also used a "15% off sale items" coupon.  Realistically, this likely just brought it down to a normal price.  ;)

So what did I learn this month:

Rob is much more happy when I suggest that we pop into Michael's for wool or needles because he knows it will be a quick trip.  No more looking up and down the scrappy aisles.

Rob is my "soft" judge.  I spied some really nice chipboard embellishments in a clearance bin at the door upon entering Michael's.  They were on for $0.75!  Rob said to buy them because they were so cheap.  I refused to because then I would have lost the challenge.

Susan is my "hard" judge.  Last week while crafting, Susan showed me how she had used a black embossing powder.  I immediately said, without thinking, that I would need to pick some up.  In my defence I have a very limited supply of this ~ about 6 colours.  Susan asked if it was on my list of things I could buy.  I said no and then realized that if I bought it, I would lose the challenge.  But, big sissy to the rescue, Susan is bringing me over a portion of hers to have!!  Thanks Susan.  I think I had better follow this judge if I want to make it thorough the year.  ;)

On a funny note, I told Lisa about my challenge.  Her first response was to say that I won't be able to do it.  I then explained that I had put it out on my blog to keep myself accountable.  Her next question was, "What will you do when you run out of supplies?"  Oh she so does not get the magnitude of my supplies!  ;)  I told her that I had enough "stuff" for easily 3 years!  She then went on to tell her boyfriend, Steve, about all the paper I had and how each piece costs about $0.25.  Oh we wish!

So I realize that I am at the easy part of this challenge.  My motivation is high at the beginning of this journey and historically I don't buy lots in January and February.  When the new stuff hits the shelves in March and April I will truly be tested.  I am still looking forward to the challenge.  Now I look at all the supplies in my room and think of the creative possibilities.  :)

One month down ~ eleven more to go!



  1. I think this is a great idea! I may even tackle it myself. It's hard not to buy stuff, esp when new things are coming out, but I find that it forces you to be more creative and figure out how to use things you already have! i love this. I will have to scroll back thru and read your 'rules' about the challenge, and maybe challenge myself!!!

  2. As I told you before I committed to 6 months of Studio Calico it is 3 months down and three to go. I have made the decision to first finish the WHOLE kit before I move onto my old stash. The only thing I bought this month was my usual Tombow glue and white/craft cardstock....for me that is allowable because it is staples.

  3. its been a while since i visited so i had to go back and read your initial challenge post, good for you, I hope you are able to fulfill that challenge, good luck!

  4. I really enjoyed reading this post - it's so interesting hearing how you are getting on...interesting enough to have me thinking about how much more I really do need to buy this year

  5. You certainly have a way with words Jennifer! You made me giggle right throughout reading your post. :) Well done on sticking to the challenge and good luck for the next 11 months!

  6. Glad you hung tough on the embossing powder.

    In trying to use old supplies I want some new supplies. I was embossing recently to dust off some older supplies. I could not believe I did not have silver or white in my stash. My first thought was I need to go to Michaels. But being on the 85% challenge, I figured I could wait.

    With the challenge in mind, I come up with another solution to not buying new, trading! I have other scrappy friends who have 5-10 years of supplies also. Why not ask them to trade with me what I'm currently yearning for!!! Bit of a win win wouldn't you say!

    BTW-I'm hoping one of my scrappy friends has red mulberry paper. Would look great on some of my future Christmas layouts using up my OA paper!


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