Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Penny Blossoms

Are there any "The Big Bang Theory" fans out there?  Remember the "Penny Blossoms" episode...

My girlies went for grooming today and when I picked them up they were nicely "embellished" with a lovely Penny Blossom each.  (hee hee)  

What can I say, it's January and there isn't much going on in life these days, so I will find life's small pleasures where I can.  Life just seems more joyful with a Penny Blossom in your hair... or fur in this case.  ;)



  1. They look so cute! Way better than they did yesterday, that's for sure! LOL

  2. Your two little girls looks lovely. My daughter is a big fan of the Big Bang Theory...but I must admit I haven't watched it at all.

  3. Awwww! They look lovely Jennifer. Such ladies! :)

  4. Yes! This made me smile. We are big fans here

  5. I have never seen the show. But, your pooches look so pretty!!


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