Friday, January 18, 2013

Vellum and "Old is New"....

"Old is New"  ...this is what one of my readers, Cindy, said to me. She had left me a comment on my "No Buy Challenge" post.  Wise words that I will embrace this year as I watch new products being released and I am still using up the older stuff.  Thank you Cindy!  :)

Cindy then went on to say that she had lots of vellum paper to use up.  This got me thinking about how most products do come back into style.  Just the other day while crafting with Susan, I was mentioning that eventually I would probably end up using up some of my twine supply wrapping up gifts at Christmas and Birthday time.  Susan said that I should save my twine,  as it will come back in.  I think that she is right.  Down the road, someone will have a new idea of how we should use up our twine supply.

This got me thinking about vellum and Cindy wanting to use up some of hers.  Vellum really is back in a new way!  This past spring, I noticed that designers where breaking out the vellum again and it lead me on a shopping search to find some.  I found some old stock at Michael's but have noticed since then that Studio Calico sells it in packs. Back in 2005 we often used it in large sheets.  Remember the special vellum tape that wasn't supposed to show through the paper.  Yeah, well years later mine shows through as a sticky dark mess.  :(   So how is "old vellum" now "new vellum".

Manufacturers like Studio Calico are making die cuts out of vellum now.  These came in the November kit.

Here are some of the "new" ways that I have used vellum since last spring.  (Yes, I spend lots of time stalking other designers and looking for inspiration. )

Layer it under your patterned paper.  Yay to layering!

Punch it out and layer it under other punched items.

Use it in large strips as you would a patterned paper.

Punch it out in a floral shape and layer it with other punched out flowers in patterned paper.  It really adds dimension.

One thing I have yet to do but love the look of, is layering it over busy patterned paper as a way of making it look more calm.  Hey, there is a great way to use of some of that busy print that I love!

I also plan on stamping on some using Stazon ink.

So there you have it.  I guess that old really is new again!

A mini update on the "No Buy Challenge"  A big thank you to Michelle and Lynette, who are joining me in this challenge.  Thank you also to my readers for your interest in my little adventure.  So far, all I can say is that there is a certain freedom that comes with knowing that you will not be bringing anything home when you spy some goodies while at Michael's or HomeSense.  I guess it is a freedom from the guilt that comes with buying more stuff.



  1. I am getting good at hitting the stores and not buying anything!! I can just shop my room. :) Creative Memories was really into the little vellum tags with words/titles on them. I have some still, I think. Love all the snippets of projects here. :)

  2. Really great uses of the Vellum, Jennifer!! I love those Vellum pieces in the Studio Calico fab!! All of your pages are perfect!!

  3. I must say...I threw out my vellum ages ago. I liked the vellum arrows in the December Studio Calico Kit and have used a lot of them. I am still working at using up my December kit before digging into my old stash again.

  4. I wasn't scrapbooking the last time vellum was popular, but I have been using paper from a pad of tracing paper to get a vellum effect and it's really growing on me! I love that blue close-up photo. That is just so pretty!

  5. I love vellum (and your yarn bowl)!

  6. Some great ideas for vellum! going to drag mine out of the cupboard right now!! Tx


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