Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Mid - February Night's Dream

I think that my "No Buy Challenge" must be on my mind more than I realize.  You know how these thoughts always come out in dreams.  The mind is a powerful thing.  Here's what I dreamt last night.

It started off that I was sitting at McDonald's.  Weird because I rarely eat McDonald's and even more rarely in the restaurant.  Anyway, then McDonald's turned into the Safeway grocery store.  Weird again because I rarely shop at Safeway.  Okay, I'll get to the point.  This is sounding like it is going to be a long dream.  hee hee

So I run into three ladies who in reality I know from my community.  They are all employees at Safeway.  We chat a bit and it is nice to catch up on old times.  They were even kind enough to invite me to their table.  They must be on their coffee break.

So they go back to work and I decide to leave the store and head through the parking lot to my car.  On my way, don't I bump into one of the three ladies.  Not only does she work at McDonald's which turns into Safeway, but she is also some kind of a sales representative for ALL of the scrapbooking paper companies.  I know, this woman works too hard!  ;)  She invites me over to her trunk to view all of this year's CHA winter releases.  Yes, the entire CHA show in her trunk,  in the parking lot!!  Oh, and did I  mention that she was willing to sell to me and it was all at discount prices because after all,  she sells to the retailers!  So this dream is ranking up with one of those dreams where money is falling from the sky.... maybe even better!!

I am in a state of total bliss!  I start walking with her towards her car when it hits me, I can't buy anything new this year.  Whaaaaaaaaah!!!!  Then the huge moral question hits me....  Is this deal good enough to quit the challenge?  Oh what a dilemma I am in!  Why did this great opportunity come along at the wrong time ..... and then I woke up.

What a crazy dream.  It reminded me of the dreams I would have when I was on Weight Watchers and would dream that I had just eaten chocolate bars and sundaes from Dairy Queen and blown my entire progress.  Talk about a tempting situation.  So, I don't know what my final decision was in the dream.  I think it is safe to say that I won't be faced with this dilemma in reality but I'll put it to you this way, if this happens.... I'm quitting and I'm buying!!!  LOL

Back here in the real world, the No Buy Challenge is going great.  Still feeling motivated.  Oh yeah, I thought I would also mention that back in the real world I have never bought anything from a trunk, from a "guy" in a parking lot.  ;)  Where did that come from?  No more listening to "Blue Collar Comedy" on Sirius while we drive!


  1. I understand wanting what we can't have. Why do we over shop, overeat or over indulge in anyway. The answer is different for everyone.

    Lately I just don't seem to want to buy and shop for scrapbook stuff. Use to be I'd be so excited to see new stuff in the store. I'd persuade myself I had to have it. I told myself if I waited it would be gone! Only one time ever did I wish I'd bought more of a certain line. Once in 12 years!

    This could be a long and interesting subject to discuss.

    1. I totally agree Cindy! Like there isn't going to be a totally awesome release when we actually do need supplies. I would tend to over buy on a collection too. Then you just get sick of using it. Must be the addiction that comes with this passion of ours. :)

  2. That is too funny!!! Why is it that we always seem to want more. I too am doing good with the no buy challenge. I sat down today and found some really old V-day stash. Had bought it for middle child. She wanted it for her to make her own valentines. She never did. So, I made two. :) Clip it up is together and filled. I am out of clips though. LOL Emptied most of my box of stickers and such on there.

  3. I'm still laughing! Perhaps we should change the Friday Field Trip plan? ;-)

  4. Sounds like an awful nightmare. Just imagine all those goodies at discounted prices and it is out of reach...not nice.


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