Sunday, February 10, 2013

Another Week ~ Another Case

Just finished cracking another CSI case.  These challenges are so much fun.  Loved this soft palette!

It has been far too long since I did a LO of my Maggie.

She is my easy going dog.  Happy as long as she is by my side.  Just follows along and life is good.  She has just turned seven last week.  This makes me a bit nervous as Gus passed at this age and so did my Bichon, Toby.  All three came from the same breeder.  I am hoping that Maggie breaks the trend and does not come down with a fatal illness.  All I can do is love and appreciate each day that I have her with me.

I mixed up some AE "Dear Lizzy 5th & Frolic" and some old MME "Good Day Sunshine".  It didn't take me long to search out supplies for this case.

This case came with this sketch.  I used only some elements for inspiration.  I love a linear sketch.

I am really enjoying being on the case once again.  These challenges are a terrific way to use your stash.  They make you go through lots of supplies looking for the right embellishment, texture, colour and tone.  They make you mix things up and use old stuff.   Hey, I even used my old ripping ruler!  The case called for a "jagged edge".  I haven't ripped paper in years.  Remember around 2005 when we rarely needed a cutting edge or scissors because we ripped everything!  Funny to think how trends change.  I'm sure that ripping will come back eventually too.  Anyway, using up what I have on hand is what I am all about this year and these challenges lend themselves to this very well indeed.

A funny thing happened on Friday evening when Rob and I were at Ikea looking for the final touches for the studio.  More on the fruits of the Ikea trip later but... we ran into one of the owners of my favourite LSS in Edmonton, not to be confused with my favourite LSS in Sherwood Park.  ;)  Anyway, it was weird to see K.C. away from the store.  Being near K.C. is always associated with the smell of new paper and that happy scrappy shopping feeling.  I explained to her how I have challenged myself to not buy in 2013.  I told her that I don't dare go near the store and may even have to ask Susan to pick up my adhesives when I run out.  Hey, I'll do what I have to do to discipline myself.  Should people on a diet hang out at the bakery?  hee hee  She did let me know that the new MME was on it's way to the store. Phew, good thing she wasn't telling me it was Crate or Studio Calico!  ;)  And here is a request for Natalie (favourite person from the Sherwood Park LSS)....  if you are reading this and get this message.... if you see me around town, ignore me and run the other way.  Seeing you will have the same effect on me as seeing K.C. !  {sigh} hee hee

Wishing you all a terrific week and thanks for stopping by my little spot of the crafty world.  :)



  1. Great layout. I always love your particular style of placing your embellishments so perfectly!

  2. Beautiful details as always! Those close ups are made for drooling over

  3. I really love how you have made the sketch your own Jennifer. Beautiful layout of your gorgeous Maggie.
    Btw, I love reading your stories about how you avoid buying new products. Puts a smile on my face.
    Take care. xx


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