Friday, February 8, 2013

If You Want Art...

... Put A Bird on it!  This is a saying that Lisa has repeatedly reminded me of through the years.  Not sure where she picked this one up but when she lived at home, she would often pass by the back of my desk as I was scrapping and tell me this.  (Not to be confused with Diane who would hang over my shoulder and mock my journaling. {sigh} )

Fast forward to this Christmas when Lisa presents me with this.

She quickly explained that I didn't need to feel pressured to put it up but she just couldn't resist buying it for me.   After all, it had birds... okay owls, it had doilies and it was turquoise.  When she showed it to Steve's mom, she asked Lisa, "Lisa, why would you buy that for your mother?"  LOL  Clearly Yvonne has never met me.  ;) Lisa knew that this was meant for her mama.   Heck yes it was!!!  This was not only my quirkiest Christmas gift, but my favourite one also!!  Doesn't it have a real Sassafrass Lass vibe about it?

I knew right away that this was going up in the studio. Yes, I still refer to it as the studio because I like to pretend that I am indeed an artist.  ;) I stress the word pretend here.  That evening, my quirky picture took it's place above my desk.

Lisa was unaware that I had recently been trying to bring a touch of turquoise into the studio.  It all started last summer with this cart from Ikea.

 But somehow, the random and whimsical feel of this gift brought a whole new inspiration to mind.  I changed out my Ikea frames that held soft prints of flowers to some patterned papers from the OA "Midway" and Dear Lizzy "5th & Frolic" collections.   Love that paper with the old photos from a carnival photo booth!  Especially the crazy surprised looking guy in the hat.

I started to look for useful items that would add a pop of turquoise, like these baskets that I found at HomeSense...

and these little bowls perfect for stashing embellishments.

Next I came across this cute little ceramic owl and a frame that was the perfect colour.  I popped in an Ikea postcard of an owl that I had bought last summer in hopes of using it on a LO.

I bought this just because I figure that I am the Queen Bee of my scrappy space.  hee hee

And that is what you call decorating on a dime's budget! Remember that show, "Trading Spaces"?  Is it still on?  Anyway, I was able to add a cohesive colour and theme to my room with mostly items that had a use.  I had pondered long and hard as to whether to paint the room.  I even picked out the perfect turquoise.  I have to be honest and say that what made me decide against it the most was the idea of having to move all my stuff out.... again.  I'm tired of moving.  Rob had already given the heads up to the fellow who paints for us that we would likely be calling him.  However,  I  tend to get tired of strong colours after a few years and didn't want to have to set myself up for more painting expense.  It is easy enough to change up a few accents to change the colour and feel of a space, down the road.

I do have a few more inexpensive ideas for my space.  I am looking for a fabric to recover the chair that   sits at Susan's desk.   Rob is good at this kind of project and it is amazing how you can breathe new life into a chair by just recovering it.  A trip to FabricLand came up empty.  I want something turquoise and quirky.  I will know I have found it, when I find it and I am not willing to spend about $36 a meter.

I also have one empty wall now which I want to use for storage,  I'm thinking a cheap curtain rod to hang LO's from unless I find something else that would make amazing use of vertical space.

Ikea has a cute stool in turquoise for $8 that might be nice to sit something on top of.  I also spied a little bedside dresser in my colour.  It is $69 though and I'm not sure I can justify it.  I'll have to think about that one.

So we are off to Ikea when the big guy gets home.   Yay Ikea!! Ikea is one of my happy places.  :)


P.S.  I got our woolies back.  :)


  1. IKEA is my happy place too!!!!! :) I was just at ours on Monday with a friend. I love the owl print Lisa bought you. It is definitely you. :) And yes, a Sass vibe to it for sure. I love the peek into your scrappy space. :)

  2. I loved the peek inside your studio--and you are indeed an artist. That owl art piece is awesome! So full of happy color! And I adore that queen bee print. Your space is beautiful!

  3. I love a trip to Ikea too and as we seem to adore the same colours I can just imagine us jumping on all the same things :) I love the sheets of patterned paper in the frames - I bet they inspire you every time you look at them Oh, and your lovely gift of course - that would put a smile on anyone's face!

  4. thanks for sharing, its a fabulous studio, im still to get that trolley they always seem to be sold out!


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