Saturday, February 16, 2013

Sleuthing and Shopping

It was a busy day yesterday.  Rob was home so he took me and Susan on one of our "Friday Field Trips".  This is how it goes.  Susan and I drag Rob with us around the city to places that we want to go but need a ride to.  I'm a total chicken driver.  Susan is the braver one of the two but Rob just knows the city so well.  So Rob gets dragged to girly places to look at girly stuff.  Poor guy.  {Thanks Rob.}

 This trip involved going to two LSS stores that I rarely go to and Susan had never been to.  It was a bit of a test for me as I was just window shopping.  Card stock was the only thing on my to buy list and that is boring so I didn't buy any.  There will be more details on this in my end of the month "No Buy Challenge" post.  There was one shared purchase made, with Susan. It was totally out of the blue and passed the okay from both of my judges.  It was not a scrappy "supply".  No worries I am still in the game!  ;)  Phew!!

These trips always involve a fun lunch out.  We went to my favourite pub, Sherlock Holmes!  I had yummy shepherd's pie.  I forgot my camera so there are no photos to share.  :(

Our last stop on the trip was to show Susan an amazing stationary shop that we love!  We had so much fun snooping around and looking at all of the fun paper goods and cartridge pens.  Susan and I both love writing with cartridge pens.  Back in my school days it was the only thing that kept me awake during note taking.  Susan and I were remembering how the best part was changing the colour of the ink and slowly watching your words fade to a new colour.  I picked up a new thicker nib and a few new cartridges in my favourite colour turquoise.  In the old days they called it "Peacock Blue" but now it is just "turquoise".  We then learned that we could buy a converter that would allow our pens to accept an entire new ink line that has so. many. colours. in. it!!  We each picked a bottle of ink out.  Mine is a lighter shade of turquoise.  I have never used a re-loadable cartridge so this should be interesting.  Rob even bought himself a cartridge pen for work.  I hope he likes it.  If you have never tried one and enjoy writing, I encourage you to give one a go.  They are so much fun!

I am really looking forward to writing in my journal with my cartridge pen and new ink colours.  It has been away for quite some time as the fine nib that I had was scratchy.

When we got home late yesterday afternoon, the new CSI case was up so off I went on another tangent.

I scrapped a photo of Jack, the rabbit who hung out outside my bedroom window last year.

The journaling is hidden in an envelope on the back of the page.  I documented how much enjoyment this rabbit gave me during this time last year when life was difficult.  I always find my peace in nature.

I used this sketch by Jenny Evans.

Wishing you all a great weekend!



  1. It was a great day yesterday! Nice page. So many layrs!! and good idea for putting the journaling on the back of the page.

  2. I loved hearing about your day...Rob loves you very much that is why he doesn't mind taking you to the girly destinations. I must get myself a what we called fountain pens (in school days). Maybe my writing will improve ;-) Your layout is gorgeous and I have pinned it and the sketch for future inspiration. I love how you make circles and they become your embellishments. I must learn that from you in my attempt to purge my stash of printed paper.

  3. Wow Jen! sounds like such a fun i wish i could drag my hubby around to look at cool girly places! but he'd rather not! lol! i have never used a cartridge pen, maybe i should buy one! I do enjoy writing... I have been told my handwriting could be a font, so this is why I need one! LOL thanks for sharing always love reading ur blog. I haven't updated a while...been working alot of hours but i plan to update tonite with my Feb Tag for Tim's tags of 2013. Have a great day!

  4. Oh, you have taken me right back! We used to write with cartridge pens when I was in Primary School and I used to love that feeling of covering a fresh sheet of paper with oozing blue ink. You have me thinking about hunting one out to try in my blog notebook.

    That's a lovely page - as always a feast for the eyes

  5. Your page is wonderful - love the many, many details.

  6. Ooh you did we'll to walk out empty handed! I have barely bought any supplies in months but my stash still doesn't seem to shrink LOL. Love your page about Jack. Such a classic combination of colours.


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