Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Spring & Studio Update

Spring?  Are you there?  Although I likely have about two more months of winter left, somehow it feels that Spring is in the air.

Rob and I took a quick trip to the greenhouse this past weekend.  It is where we can get a bit of a taste of Spring.  I love how the humidity hits you when you walk through the door.  Then there is the smell of earth and even water.  They put up a beautiful pond feature each year complete with fish.  The traditional Spring blooms are available for sale too.  We came home with a pot of three tulips which at the time had not bloomed.

Now we are watching them bloom one by one.  Eventually the bulbs will be put in our backyard so we can enjoy them all over again next year.  Yellow tulips in my kitchen can make it feel like Spring even in the middle of a snowstorm.

Today the sun is shining through my living room window and it is even mild enough to have the windows open for a bit.  Yes, Spring is on it's way.  This Spring feeling has me wanting to fix things up a bit in the house...  to refresh.  The Spring cleaning list will soon be written.  That is the fun part.  The yucky part is actually completing the list.  lol

This years house changes have all taken place in the studio.  I may have been replacing my scrappy shopping with studio shopping but the make-over is now complete.  I shared the beginning of the process here.  Now for the update.

The hunt for turquoise continued on.  I found a few more items to add a punch of colour to the room.

This folding chair from Ikea.  A great spot to stack paper or magazines!

A shiny basket (HomeSense) to hold large punches.

A fancy bowl (HomeSense) for washi tape!

A simple curtain rod from Ikea to display some LO's.  I opted to hang them in protective album pages.  I would rather have glare than wrinkles from clipping them up.  I'm a bit fussy like that.  ;)

Some funky fabric to cover Susan's chair.  (Ikea $6 a meter)  I'll post a photo once the big guy gets this done.

And my splurge.... this totally whimsical and somewhat useless stool. (Urban Barn)  He followed me home.... really! ;)

I am not sure if I will look at him one day and wonder why I ever bought him or love him forever.  I'm thinking the later.  After all, he is a bird and he is turquoise and I can always sit a doily on his head and use him for a side table.  ;)  How could I pass him up considering that original owl picture from Ikea?  It is all Lisa's fault for getting me that for Christmas!  ;)  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

A few overview shots...

The studio now feels a bit more cohesive and less thrown together.  I love the whimsical feel and happy colours in it!  I now consider this project finished. :)

Along with decorating I have also done a major clean up and purge.  It is feeling really good to be organized.

And what have I been up to creatively?  A few assignments which will show up on the blog at a later date and some more knitting, of course.

More cowls for a couple of the girls' friends.

Wishing you all a wonderful day!



  1. Ok.. envious of your clean room!!! You don't want to see mine right now. LOL I love the touches of turquoise in there. I had to chuckle about the doily on the owl's head. Funny! Love your scrappy space!!

  2. Looks great///love the punches of aqua!

  3. The touches are turquoise seem so uplifting - even from this distance :)

  4. I said it before and Ill say it again, I woul love to come craft at your place it looks fabulous!

  5. Gorgeous blooms. And I like that you've added whimsy and utility to your space using that gorgeous color. What a happy place it seems to be.

  6. Your are is gorgeous. I love the colour.


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