Thursday, February 28, 2013

Springtime Vintage Giveaway

So Rob thinks that I should name my giveaway...  that it should have some kind of theme.  Well it has to be spring somewhere and the goodies have a bit of a vintage theme, so there you have it.

I always hope to learn a little more about my readers with my giveaways so.... if you are interested in winning this.....

..... just leave me a comment telling me something that you look forward to when spring rolls around.

Here are some close-ups of the stash!

The paper pad by KaiserCraft has more than just paper.  Take a look!  It is the Miss Match collection.

I have also included a tiny package of vintage yumminess!

I will draw a random winner on Monday after dinner.  Sorry that once again this is only opened to North America.  Postage is so high.  :(

Mo wishes everyone good luck!  ;)  This giveaway is now closed.

Yes my big, bad, handsome all be it somewhat matted, Grandkitty.... is having a vacation at my place.  His mother is off chasing monkeys in Costa Rica, or maybe monkeys are chasing her.  ;)  Rob is sneezing lots.  :(



  1. Mo is back! He is such a pretty kitty. From my experience in having Laura's cats here, they don't like being brushed. I tried brushing her long haired cat. She wasn't tolerant of it. She was getting a fair amount of mats on her back half.
    Very nice prize pack! I see some doilies with your new die. ;)

  2. Being from Alberta and having to deal with our long winters, I look forward to seeing some sun, putting away the yucky winter clothing and watching the grass turn green! It can't happen too soon for me! Thanks for the chance!

  3. Beautiful giveaway!! I always look forward to the longer, lighter days-and flowers!!

  4. Awww Mo, such a cutie, fur matts and all. Warmth!!!! I look forward to warmth! (But don't include me in the giveaway) :-)

  5. wow! what a great batch of goodies. Well I would have to say that one thing I look forward to during the springtime is those super perfect, non-humid days where you could be outside all day comfortably soaking up the sun and not really sweat or be cold. Since I'm in the deep South we really cherish the spring cause we know 90 degrees and humidity is right around the corner! you have inspired me so much.... I may have to do a little giveaway of my own after I start my spring cleaning/packing away for the move!!!

  6. Looking forward to playing some golf. We got a family membership a couple of years ago & I love it as it is an activity we can all do as a family! Unfortunately in Alberta 'golf season' is pretty short!
    PS. Great prize pack - - so many goodies!!

  7. Somebody is going to be very happy when they win this pretty kit. You have such a great eye for what goes together.

  8. WE are headed into Autumn down under sniff sniff...

  9. Last year on the first Sunday of May I was at Royal Alberta Museum enjoying all the beautiful fresh green leaves renewing the beauty of our river valley but wondering if perhaps that would be the last time I'd ever see it. A few days before I had been told I had lot of cancer and would be beginning Chemo treatments that next Monday. Nine months later I received a report from my doctor that all my lumps were gone and all I needed now was routine checkups. So I can hardly wait to go down there again and see all that beautiful burst of new life and rejoice in the ways that I have been blessed1

  10. I didn't really want to be Anonymous. My name is Carolyn. I love your blog and I live in the north end of Edmonton. I just could not figure any other way to comment because none of the other choices applied to me.

  11. I am looking so forward to spring...and to just look out the window and not see snow....we have had the biggest dump ever this year...but, it does keep me home and scrapbooking and card making more..and I love doing pleeeeze I would love to win...angie from kingston.

  12. Hello, I'm looking forward to the sun, I know it's out there somewhere but we've only seen a peep here and there in weeks. Some people on the internet says there are two suns out there.......well, I wouldn't know because everytime I look up it is gray and cloudy so I'm looking forward to the spring sun to shine. Thanks for a great giveaway!


  13. I am soo looking forward to warmer temperatures and green, here in west Texas winter is mostly brown....and spring just brings everything back to life!! Thanks fo rthe opportunity to win such a beautiful bunch of goodies!!!

  14. I don't like the Spring except maybe late Spring. I just love me some cool Fall weather and always look forward to that.
    Cool vintage stuff especially the dollies.
    That kitties is adorable too!!!!


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