Tuesday, March 26, 2013

In My Kitchen

"Evening sun" shining through yellow tulips makes me happy!  

Our temperatures are rising and the melting is beginning.  Yay Spring!!



  1. I sure hope you didn't jinx it by calling out Spring = so ready for it!! Thanks for the lovely embellies from your etsy shop - they will go so well with my pages and your service and delivery of the product was outstanding!

  2. they are making me happy too!

  3. Oh, yellow is such a perfect colour to make you think of Spring Jennifer! It has been a bit cooler here during the last few days and I am actually looking forward to Winter. We've had a dreadful hot summer this year.
    I've missed so many of your interesting blog posts during the last month while we were running around showing our visitors around. Had a bit of a catch up and I am happy now that I know what you're up to. Lol! Your baby blanket is absolutely gorgeous. Well done for finishing it.
    Have a wonderful Easter. xx

  4. Very pretty!!! We have melting and sunshine here too! Today, right now it is almost or about 40F. Yes the melting has commenced. I just hope we don't have one big massive storm to bring more snow. Great minds think alike. I bought (pink and white) tulips Monday. It was the only colors they had.

  5. Nothing brings me more happiness than yellow flowers ;-)

    Happy Easter Jennifer.


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