Sunday, March 17, 2013

Mint Green Baby Blanket ~ Revisited

Sometimes I start a crafty project and then at some point tire of it and put it away.  It is a slippery slope as putting it away can sometimes result in a forgotten and unfinished project.  I started knitting my first baby blanket in January of last year and blogged about it here.  Well that blanket sat at pretty much that point for quite some time.  A few weeks ago I resolved to pick it up again and actually finish it.  Last night I did just that.

It was a really fun and relaxing pattern.  I do have to admit to a few tiny mistakes along the way but all in all I am proud of the end result.

Now I am starting a new one in one of my favourite colours for babies, lavender.  I am hoping that I can perfect the pattern this time as this one is using the good wool from the fancy wool shop.  If I ever have a granddaughter, this will go to her.  And... if there is a tiny mistake along the way, I'll just consider it a Granny's #1 Imperfect.  ;)

Hope you are all enjoying a relaxing Sunday afternoon.  Lady is.  Nothing better than an afternoon nap in a sunny patch.



  1. It really does! That carry over/chain stitch looks complicated. I know what you mean about putting away a project. I've had an unfinished sweater knitted for years. All I have to do is the knit the collar and sew the buttons but everytime I think I should just finish it, I somehow find something else I'd rather do. Oh well, maybe one day:)

    Love Lady's photo. She's so cute.

    1. Hi Jacynthe, This pattern is so easy. The carry over comes from just slipping two stitches on the wrong side. Very easy and fast. I have the pattern if you are interested? I am afraid to knit a sweater. Not sure I would be successful. I have scary visions of the end result. ;)

  2. Absolutely both colours!


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