Tuesday, March 19, 2013

New in the Shop

So this week Crafty Tuesday was moved up to Crafty Monday.  This happens sometimes when real life gets in the way of scrappy time.  Susan and I decided to make some new embellishments for our Etsy shop!  Here's what we made.

Susan had the idea to include a set of 20 word banners in each pack so that a person could choose the perfect sentiment to suit their project.

The left over banners would be great to use alone too.

Susan even dragged over her vintage portable typewriter to type up the sentiments in true vintage style!  The font and look of the old ink ribbon is fantastic.  We have decided that "portable" circa 1960 is not quite what portable means today.  That sucker is heavy!  LOL  It was a fun day and we laughed a lot.



  1. Those are so pretty!! I love all the goodies in there. Your wash clothes are beautiful!! Yeah, typewriters back then were pretty heavy! :) I am glad you had a fun day though!!! Hope you are staying warm (maybe it isn't as cold up there... -7F this morning.)

  2. I think I may have pulled a muscle lugging that thing around! ;-) Just kidding.

  3. I love them...but they will probably be a fortune to ship to South Africa :-(


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