Wednesday, March 27, 2013

No Buy Challenge ~ March Update

So it is almost the end of another month.  Time to let you all know how I am doing on my No Buy Challenge.

I have to admit that scrappy shopping has been on my mind.  I think it is knowing that the CHA stuff is slowly filtering into the LSS's.  It is this time of year that I usually go into full "stalking mode" where I am on the lookout for the new goodies.  Not this year!

A funny thing happened while Susan and I were scrapping at my place. Susan was looking for a little something something to finish off her LO.  She asked me for some of those "enamel dots."  I told her that I didn't have any.  She got this shocked look on her face.  The "Jennifer of last year" would have had a supply in every colour!  ;)  Enamel dots are new out this year and so I won't be getting any until next year. We laughed..... but I was crying on the inside.  Just joking...... maybe.  ;)

As for scrappy shopping this month,  I treated myself to some cardstock.  I was running low on kraft paper so a trip into the LSS was needed.  They were out of kraft.  :(  I thought some coloured cardstock would be exciting, but it wasn't.  ;(  I just don't use it much.  This is why card stock is on my "okay to buy" list.  It is something that I will never overbuy.  So I got in and out real fast and tried not to look at anything new, or exciting or sparkly!  {sigh} I had to wait in line at the check out right next to all of the new Crate goodies.   It was torture.  ;)

But.... I did do some scrappy shopping this month and still managed to stay with the challenge!  How you may ask?  Well, every year, Susan and I do a purge and then donate the goods to The Boys & Girls Club.  It was my turn to drop it off this year.  Here in my front entrance sat 3 bags and one pizza box filled with goodies.  Well,  I knew what I had put in the pile but, I didn't know what Susan was purging.  So..... I went a shopping!  LOL

So this is where it gets weird.  Normally I would never even bother to look through the old stuff let alone take away from the children of our community, but I couldn't help myself.  It was old stuff but I could see the creative possibilities.  Just because it was old didn't mean it wasn't good.  It was new to me.  Heck, I even found some paper that I had purged to Susan last year.  I saw a renewed value in it.

Now before you start thinking that I am some kind of scrooge, I really didn't take much and there was still lots to give to the children.  The children were not going to be sitting around the craft table with nothing but an old sheet of wrinkly newspaper and three crayons.   So I am not a scrooge, just a little desperate to get a scrappy shopping high.  ;)  I even managed to scare Susan when I sent her an email titled "I Went Scrappy Shopping!"  hee hee

Here's what I "bought" for "free99"!!

So I thought it would be fun to do a LO using some of this new found treasure.  It would be a challenge to use old stuff and try to make it seem new!  Here's what I created using the, let's call it the "Gold Kit".
That way it is more fun!  ;)

I figured that mixing new with old would give my LO an updated look.  I choose this Studio Calico paper as my background to represent new.  Some embellishments from last year's "Pickled Pears" by Kaiser Craft also helped to update the look.

I was determined to use both of those old yellow chipboard flowers.  It turned out better than I had expected.  Layer them up with other stuff and they are alright!  It has been a long time since I used a SassaFrass Lass sticker but they still rock!

I even used my old paper tearing ruler... still rocks!!

I found this unopened package of black pearls in my stash!  I was so excited!  I figure that it is the closest that I will be getting to an enamel dot for another 9 months.  ;)

Here is the sketch I used from a site that is new to me.   It is called Scrap Friends.  The sketches are so detailed that it almost feels like cheating!  I love them!!

I think that this very fresh style of sketch also helps to make old product look new!

I am still loving this challenge.  I have a whole new appreciation for my stuff and I feel that having less is helping the creative flow.  :)  I'm still feeling strong!!

3 months down ~ 9 months to go!  :)



  1. Beautiful work Jennifer!! Love how you used the "older" products and all of the Yellow is so fabulous with your b&w photo! Really gorgeous page!

  2. Wow...your layout is so stunning.
    I would have had to shop through her stash got some lovely items there!
    Bravo you for your shopping ban...I am doing something similar...Using my stash this year. I am shopping but only for non consumables.
    Birthhday and any other gift money is exempt!

  3. Your old/new mix layout is simply gorgeous. I ♥ it that you could go shopping in the purge pile ;-)

    I am still doing well with the challenge. Still only getting my Studio Calico basic kit (no add ons) for another two months then that will also be cancelled. I only purchased cardstock and tombow glue this month.

  4. Fun post to read and you are doing great with the no-buy challenge. I'm proud of you!

  5. A very enjoyable post to read..I was excited when I read the title even because I wanted to hear how you are getting on.

  6. Lovely layout and I am totally inpressed with your ability to be on a freeze and stick to it. I started off with great intentions this year and I did pretty fabulous in January...But February and March have been another story! School and work have been pretty stressful and when I'm stressed I tend to shop. Thank goodness I'm not stress eating! Now that life is starting to ease up a bit I am looking at all this stuff and wondering what in the world was I thinking! I still have several more orders due to arrive in the mail...ugh, too late to cancel them! So maybe I should just start from today! Hello, my name is Julia and I am a scrap shoping aholic!

  7. Wow that is awesome. I'm not that into card stock myself these days. Unfortunately I have a ton. I'm standing strong on not buying more though. My go to is muted pattern paper, white or craft to use as background.
    The last 2 crops at the LSS I did not buy ANYTHING. I did do a trade though which was pretty cool. I'm going to check with my other friends about doing more of that!
    BTW-I heard triangles are pretty trendy these days. You can definitely make them and use with your old stash!

  8. I always get excited when I see an update on your challenge Jennifer. I always have a few giggles reading it and I'm so impressed with how you're coping. Well done!
    Thanks for your comment on my blog earlier. Please add your name to my giveaway. I will gladly post it out to you if you are the winner. :) xx

  9. Beautiful page, and what an awesome challenge! I love it when I can use my old stuff. Brilliant mix of product here!


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