Monday, April 22, 2013

Back When I was a Stitcher

Tonight I ran over to Michael's an hour before closing to pick up floss for a new project.  It all started this afternoon while I ran into Micheal's to see if there was any baby wool on sale. { The aqua blanket has been completed in a little over a week.  Yes, I was on another tangent.  ;)}  As I walked in the door I spotted a Cross-Stitch magazine.  I stood looking through it and spied a few fun and easy patterns that might be nice to have in my collection.  So I picked it up along with some Huck towels to stitch on.

As I drove home tonight, my mind traveled back to an earlier time when I was a stitcher.  I had a few magazine subscriptions and would be thrilled to see that magazine show up in my mailbox.  That first look through  to see if there was anything that inspired me was always so exciting.  A trip to the city to pick up random floss colours for my collection was equally as enjoyable.

My girls were little then.  I had a neighbour who I taught to stitch and we would meet up, let our kids play and stitch the afternoon away while drinking coffee.  Rob worked many night shifts at this point.  I can remember tucking the girls into bed and then sitting in a quiet house and stitching until it was time for me to go to bed too.

I got so much joy from this simple act of crossing stitches.  I thought that I would never give it up.  I couldn't imagine my day without crossing a few stitches.  But, time goes on, eyes get weaker, new hobbies are presented and suddenly this passion gets pushed to the back.  I don't stitch with Susan anymore because my crazy Dane Edna magnifying glasses are so thick that anytime I look up from my work to chat, I have to take them off!  Ha Ha

Back in the 90's that homespun country look was in.  I stitched anything that I could get my hands on....  kitchen towels, fingertip towels, hooded baby towels, bibs, tumblers, coasters, trivets, bread covers, pins, key tags, eyeglasses holders, ball caps and pictures.  Heck I even stitched through a plastic strainer!

So, as much as I am not much of a stitcher these days,  I am happy to know that the thrill of a new pattern and a pile of floss to roll still makes me happy.   {I likely have these floss colours in my collection but my floss is no longer pristine since it has become a scrapping supply in the last 4 years.}

I wonder if there will come a day when I am no longer a scrapper?  When the daily search through blogs for creations, inspiration and challenges is no longer the drill.  I wonder what the new passion will be?



  1. This post really spoke to me. You describe exactly the way I felt about cross stitch in the 90's and the way I sometimes wonder if anything will ever overtake scrapbooking. I can remember running out from work to the magazine shop at lunchtimes to look for the latest cross stitch issues and the poring over them deciding what to do next. And I remember that country look - all the little towels. I did a baby blanket too. A wonderful post!

  2. It is like you were talking about me too. I started doing stitchery when Laura was a baby. There was a Michael's a little less than a mile away. In the stroller she would go and we would walk there. I didn't have a car then. It was my saving grace. It kept me occupied. College by day, and homework and caring for Laura. Then my stitchery. I have made many a project. Some given away to friends. Others kept. I too could never imagine back then not doing it. I have a ton of stitchery projects, magazines and not as much floss. I took half of my floss collection and gave it away to a scrappy friend in Tennessee. She lives out in the boonies with no store close by. I don't work on it so much anymore.

    Seeing your project you are starting has me wanting to work on mine. (I just love the colors you have chosen!!) I have that one with the house that I want to finish and hang up in here.

  3. A day when you will no longer be a scrapper??? Bite your tongue!LOL ;-)

  4. I still have my much loved cross stitch supplies that I do not want to part with. I have been saying for the last 6 years I must get around to finishing some of these kits. Strangely I started scrapbooking 6 years ago ;). I just wish I could find the time to fit both in :).


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