Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Breaking Up with "Blue" ~ A Green Post

"Blue" and I have been together for about 30 years now.  We broke up for a bit in 2009 but he slowly edged his way back into my life.  Last month I threw him out the door for good!  Who is blue?

Actually, I sent him to Lisa's house.  She is still in love with chemical cleaners.

Yes, "Blue" was my go to cleaner.  A replacement for an all purpose cleaner as well as terrific on windows and mirrors.  So convenient to just spray messes away.  That catch in my throat and sting of my senses gave me confidence that things were sanitized.  It must have been the "Amonia D"!    I pushed "Blue" to the back of my cleaning supplies in 2009 when I was on a bit of a green kick.  Slowly I was lured back by that clean smell.  I knew that the only way to be rid of him for good was to
not have him in the house.

So here are "The Replacements".

Norwex window cloths are perfect for windows and mirrors.  Used with only water and there is no waste of paper towel.  Then I have my homemade window cleaner which I also use as a quick all purpose cleaner for small messes.  Yes it is just vinegar and water.  Vinegar kills bacteria and you won't feel like you want to cough up a lung after you spray it.  It is also cheaper than "Blue"!

For anyone who hates the smell of vinegar, you can add in some essential oil.  Apparently it will hide the vinegar smell.  I haven't added any to my mix yet.

This book has changed the way I see clean.  Clean doesn't have a smell at all.

Here is the recipe.

Glass Cleaner

1 cup white vinegar
1 cup water
1/2 tsp. liquid dish soap (optional)
3-8 drops essential oil (optional)

Some people add the dish soap in the beginning to break down the residue build-up left from "Blue".  She suggests a green dish soap such as Seventh Generation.  I love this soap.   Eventually this residue will leave on it's own and you will get a perfect clean from vinegar and water alone.  I sometimes put a bit less vinegar.  It really isn't an exact science.  ;)

And on a "green" scrappy note,  Susan and I headed down to our favourite thrift shop yesterday looking for treasure and  Susan bought an amazing bag of sequins.   I am now the proud owner of half the bag!  They are sure to be making an appearance on some future LO's!

Post Script:  Susan has posted a few more details of how the sequin purchase really went down.   I may have left out a few details here.  ;)  You can check out the real story here.



  1. And don't ever let him back in! He's no good for you! LOL

  2. I need to send Blue out the door too. I tend to use him for my windows, mirrors and the fronts of the microwave, dishwasher and stove. I found something recently on Pinterest that has a whole bunch of different homemade cleaners. Once these bottles are empty, I will be making them.

    You will have lots of fun with all the sequins!! :)

  3. This is a nice post :) and very well observed - you are right, there is something about that heavy bleach smell that convinces us it's clean..when of course the nicer smelling more natural alternatives are far better.

    This could be a whole new sideline for Little E..

  4. thanks for sharing your tips...I use non chemical cleaners as well!

  5. Scrolling through looking at the new detectives (after all, gotta keep up on whose chasing down the criminals!) when I saw this post. Love it! Thanks so much for sharing everything and I look forward to seeing your work. Catch me if you can, copper!


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