Monday, April 8, 2013

Clean Floors & Flowers

Rob and I had the enjoyment of going shopping for yet another floor cleaning tool.  This time it was a vacuum. With the amount of money we spend on floor items you would think that we always have really clean floors.  We don't.  ;)

 When we sold the condo last fall we left behind an amazing central vacuum by Electrolux.  Our house came with an 8 year old central vacuum by Eureka.  Although it had really good suction the hose was very bendy and repeatedly twisted and cut off air flow throughout any session.  It also almost took a degree in engineering to change from the power head to the hardwood floor attachment.  Needless to say it was no fun to work with but, who can justify replacing it when it still did the job.  It made me feel a little bit insane but sanity is over rated anyway.

Two weeks ago as I was vacuuming, I  noticed the smell of an over worked motor.  It was coming from the power head.  I secretly was hoping that the power head would die and then I could justify a new purchase.  When I told Rob that I thought the head was smelling like it was about to go he said that it was probably because he needed to empty the canister.  Off he went to get it done.  Next cleaning day I assembled the vacuum and prepared to fight with my bendy hose.  There it was again, the sweet smell of a burning motor.  New vacuum,  here I come!

Now some people swear by the central vacuum system.  After all,  there is no canister to cart around.  Personally, I would rather wheel a canister around instead of fighting with 35 feet of hose.  It's annoying not to mention hard on wall corners.  Then there is trying to get all the kinks out of the hose in order to get it back on it's hook in the cleaning closet.  Urghhh.  I'm not a very patient person with things like that.  So, I decided to go back to the canister.  Off we went to Costco to pick up this baby!  And it was on sale with a $100 discount!  Score!!

I have always been curious about the Dyson.  Diane has one and loves hers.  If it can suck up Mo's hair it must be a good vacuum.  Well, I gave that thing a whirl and I love it!  It has amazing suction and the best part is that you get to actually see all of the dust and dirt that you suck up spinning around the transparent canister.  It is such a feeling of satisfaction.  hee hee  So Eureka has now been retired to the garage to solely be used for vehicle vacuuming while Dyson takes a new spot in the house!  I know, it is almost as if I call them by name.  Weird.

Well, I never promised that my blog posts would be exciting and this one may rank up there in the "Why is she blogging about her vacuum?" category.  But some of us do enjoy floor cleaning products and tools and with that being said I dedicate this post to Sian's nephew Little E, who is all about the Hoover at a very young age.

I'll leave you with some eye candy.  Tulips from the grocery store are the only taste of Spring we are having around here.  It was snowing on the weekend.  :(



  1. I wanted to put a central vac in here when we built, but to save $$$, we didn't. I went out about 5 yrs ago and bought a Dyson upright and I like it. A little heavy to haul up and down the different levels, but it works good. With a cat and two dogs, we need something to get up the hair. We had some rain, but the snow that was supposed to happen last Friday, never amounted to much. It's been raining today and there is snow in the forecast for later this week with temps cold again. This flip-flopping temps.. warm-cold.. has got to stop. It is so irritating. LOL

  2. I have the exact same Dyson vacuum, bought at Costco as well. I have a love/hate relationship with mine. Love how well it picks up dirt/dog hair. Best vacuum I've ever had for that. HATE the design. Hate that the power nozzle/handle doesn't click in place at a 90 degree angle. No matter where you try to stand your vacuum , the damn long arm handle is always falling down. The way they twist the hose around the body of the vacuum never stays in place either. It does at first but after a while it doesn't. It's awful in stairs. The attachments do not click in place in the handle so if there is a lot of suction they simply pull out...I could go on, and on. Believe me. I can't wait for mine to fail so that I can buy something else. Sorry to burst you new vacuum bubble. I'll be curious to read your reviews of it after you've used it for a bit.

  3. We have had a Dyson upright for years & have loved it :) Unfortunately it just went kaput & I must shop for another :) Love those tulips - I can't believe you still have snow!!!

  4. I can totally understand your exitement for a new vacuum cleaner Jennifer. I love my floors to be properly cleaned too. I have had my upright Dyson for about 5 years now and LOVE it! It's great to be able to see all the dirt through the clear cannister, isn't it? :)

  5. Oh, Jen, this has made me smile so much!! As I was reading I was planning my comment, which was going to say something like "You know who you need, don't you? " And when I saw that you had been thinking about him I almost choked on my coffee. His Mum will love this - because of course he is as you say all about the hoover.

    Enjoy that Dyson!

  6. Hooray for investing on another floor cleaner, even if you say you don’t always have smartly cleaned floors! Having a new machine, which efficiently sucks up dirt, is the most encouraging thing. You might even end up using it a little more than necessary. ;)


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