Thursday, April 25, 2013

Happy Mail

Yesterday I received some happy mail from Michelle!  It was this beautiful card and inside was tucked this awesome package of enamel dots!!

Michelle always makes such amazing cards and I love how the card even matches the colours of the dots.  Thank you so much Michelle!  :)

This kind gift has me thinking of two things:

Firstly, I am so grateful that scrapbooking and blogging has enabled me to make friends with people all over our world.  Our world doesn't seem like such a huge disconnected place anymore.  I always appreciate a sense of community.

Secondly,  when you drool publicly (on the blog) about products that you can't buy until next year, people feel sorry for you and buy you presents.  hee hee  I better stop doing that.  Have some pride woman!  LOL

So with all of this kindness that has been shown to me,  I would like to pay it forward.  Check back soon for a giveaway.  I already have an idea for it floating around my mind!



  1. Yummy dots! And I love how they match the card too!! You are well-supplied with enamel dots now. :-)

  2. Ok, so I didn't get them for you because you can't shop until next year. LOL It was good you mentioned it though, because I knew it was something you didn't have. ;) I am glad you like them.

  3. Oh this is just so so so pretty!!!


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