Monday, April 29, 2013

No Buy Challenge ~ April Review

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Well here we are at the end of another month.  It's time to let you all know how my scrappy buying diet is going.

This month seemed unbelievably easy!  I think it might have had something to do with spending my $10 free coupon at the LSS and the gift of some amazing enamel dots from some people who felt sorry for me!  LOL

 It has been a month of organizing the studio.  I have been going through supplies that I have stored as collections and taking the goodies out into the common area to be seen and used.  Alphas and stickers are now with the group of said products and all sheets of tags have been cut up and are ready for use.  Last night I went through all of my Crate stuff.  It was so much fun to look at everything again and fall in love with it all over again!  Ha Ha  The strange thing is, I used to hate organizing the studio.  Last night it finally hit me why this is.  It is because it used to overwhelm me.  It all felt like too much to even know where things were and where to begin.  Now when I pick through the stash, I feel that I have more of a control on it.  For me, having less is more.  I remember when my girls were little and Rob would get bothered that the "Barbie Doll Blow-up" was always all over the place.  It got me thinking of how Susan and I always had our stuff neatly put away in the Barbie cases.  That was when it hit me that combined we had about 6 dolls.  Then I counted.  Combined, my girls had 35 dolls.  It was just too much to take care of.

I have been pondering the psychology of my scrappy shopping of the past and present.  I thought I would give you a peek into my mind.  Scary!  ;)  I was looking at the three collections this CHA that I really wanted.

After drooling over them a few times, I realized that they all share a very common colour palette.  That got me to thinking that I would never "need" all three but could just choose one.  Then I started to really look at the "Hey You" collection by BG.  Some of those papers looked so familiar.  A bit of snooping around the studio found me this!

Some of these papers had been released by BG for Studio Calico.

 When I bought my last kit in late December, I ordered extra papers from the add-on kits. The plaid paper was from the BG "Oxford" collection.  It might be a bit bluer than the one in the kit but might still mix in well.  Having some of these papers already got me thinking that it might be fun to Counterfeit the "Hey You" collection.  It has been ages since I played along with The Counterfeit Kit Challenge.  So, I pulled some papers that seemed similar in colour and pattern.

Then I collected other pieces that I thought might work well with the papers.

Here is my "Hey You" counterfeit collection!  :)

Here are some pieces in the collection that I may counterfeit if they go well with my pages.

This process made me realize that I instantly fall in love with certain paper collections.  But, before rushing out to buy them, I need to first shop in my stash.  Often, what I am drawn to, I already have something similar to it on hand.

I am learning so much from the No Buy Challenge.  I am seeing scrappy shopping in a different way.  It is my hope that these things I am learning stay with me long after the challenge.  I never thought that I would say that I am really enjoying this challenge.  :)  Having said that, Diane mentioned today that Mother's Day is coming up and I may be getting a gift card to the LSS.  I have to say that the thought makes me pretty excited.  LOL

Four months down, eight months to go!



  1. I love the Barbie doll analogy! Yes it was very easy for me to take care of Barbie and Francie - not sure I would have managed so well if they'd had 16 more "siblings"! LOL Your counterfeit paper collection looks great.

  2. Love how your mind works!!! Love the kit you put together!!

  3. Like the little bird house print!

  4. It's always a pleasure to read your reports! I think we share a very similar taste in colour palettes which means I'm always drooling over your selections..I would happily have anything in any of your photos in my collection!

    keep going, keep going..

  5. the thought of Barbie Doll Blow-Up. My favourite used to be when they wanted to get their swimming pool out. That was blow up. Literally

  6. way to go! you have inspired me to purge my stash! well just getting organized is definatley on the agenda with the move coming up, have to get things packed and put down to a normal size and everything organized! only 30 days to go and we are out to the west coast. We'll see if i'm as excited about organizing my scraproom as you are! LOL

  7. I am lovin that you are doing this Jennifer!

  8. I am with you...and I agree. There is always something similar in your stash. I actually decided to cancel my 6 month subs with Studio Calico and rather pay the penalty. I still have 3 months of unopened Studio Calico kits...that is bad. I have nearly used up all my MME papers these past few months.

  9. Your counterfeit collection is amazing, and the Barbie doll's story is just so true...

  10. I always look so forward to read all about your challenge Jennifer. Sadly, I've been missing quite a few of your posts, due to crazy, mad, unplanned events. Lol! All boring stuff... :). You've been a busy lady though. Loving your counterfeit collection and am looking forward to see what you create with it. You cross-stitch articles are beautiful. So perfect and neat.
    Good luck with the next 8 months of your 'no buy' challenge. xx


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