Saturday, April 6, 2013

Scrappy Shopping!!?

No worries, I haven't given up on my No Buy Challenge.

I'm still in the game!  I did however go scrappy shopping tonight.  I actually shopped at the LSS and didn't have to root through bags of donations like my last shopping trip.  ;)  How?  With this baby!

This is a reward card from my LSS.  You get a stamp for each $10 you spend and once you fill the card, you get $10 of free merchandise.  I had a few of these cards partially filled floating around the studio and my wallet.  Susan then gave me one of hers.  After buying my cardstock a few weeks ago I had a completely filled card!  I asked both of my judges if I could spend with it.  They both agreed that since it was free, that I could.  

I have never been so excited to go to the LSS with $10!  LOL  What would I buy?  I knew I wanted to spend my money wisely and get the most bang for my buck.  I went in with the idea of looking for things that would update old stuff as looking newer with the newest trends.  

My first idea was to pick up some of the coveted enamel dots.  Love them.  Then I realized that they were $6 and that would be more than half of my money gone,  so forget that!  Then I saw some amazing chipboard arrows from Studio Calico.  But for $5...... forget it.  Then I realized that paper would give me the most for my money.  I started looking for papers that had tags and borders on them.  This would give me a taste of the newer lines and I could pair them with older paper that I have.  Here's what I got!  8 sheets of paper and 1 sticker sheet!

Oh such yumminess!!  A small taste of Crate's "DIY" and "Maggie Holmes".  Then a little smidge of Dear Lizzy's "Lucky Charm"  topped off with a sprinkle of MME stickers.  Oh I am one happy scrapper!  I will cut up all this goodness and mix it into my older lines.

A few more close ups!

This ought to hold me until my birthday in July.  Rob promises to get me a gift card.  :)

It really is better to love what you have rather than to have what you love.  Having less is making me value and enjoy my supplies ten fold!  My shopping trip was so much more fun than my trips of the past where I just picked up anything I fancied.   Less really is more.  :)



  1. Well done Jennifer. I was a good girl too and I actually cancelled my Studio Calico subscription and paid the penalty for cancelling early. Our currency has really taken a dip and the kits are just way to expensive now.

  2. Congratulations!
    Try loving your old stamps! they can change the look of your old paper...add flowers or other shapes inside your polka dots or just in a pattern to give your paper a whole new look...don't just use that black ink either bust out your inks and give them some love too! Oooo and rub ons!
    Have any old alpha sheets with a couple of leftover letters on a few sheets? Paint them all one color to match your BG paper and add them. When I have done freezes in the past I found myself running low on Cardstock and it forced me to LOVE the cardstock colors I HATED...I had some greys I never liked and purples and I came to LOVE my grey CS! use it find new color may LOVE it! Greys, browns, whites, creams, blacks all act like neutral CS so adding them with color can give you a whole new look...Grey and yellow yes but Grey and pink woohoo! It just gets you looking at your stash of CS differently also. :D
    I'm glad that $10 was the most fun you've had shopping in a while!

  3. Ohhh nice paper. I spy a lot that I'd love to go with my HUGE October Afternoon stash!

  4. LOL It's always about the paper, isn't it? ;-) I'm glad that $10 gave you so much fun. :-)


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