Friday, April 19, 2013

Vintage Tags

Last summer I picked up two vintage tag kits at my LSS.  I finally got around to putting the first set of three together.

It was actually offered as a class or you could just buy the kit.  Being the solitary scrapper that I am, I opted for the kit to do at home.  As beautiful as these tags are, I really can't claim much ownership in them.  With the home kit, most of the stuff is done for you.  The heat embossing, stamping and even the  butterfly came with crystals glued on.  Of course, this makes sense that it has to be done for you if you are not at the class.  But somehow,  having really only assembled them leaves me flat.  I did still want to share them here incase they might inspire someone to design something similar with their own supplies.  Kathleen from the LSS does an amazing job designing and putting these kits together.

These may end up on some gifts wrapped in kraft paper.  I think the contrast of plain and fancy would be effective.

In other news I am caught up in another knitting vortex.  The baby blankets are in high gear.  I finished the purple one and it is carefully stored away for a future granddaughter. Unfortunately, I packed it away before remembering to take a photo to share here.  I am proud to say that I managed to make it without a mistake.  The yarn was a nightmare to work with.  So much for being excited about the good yarn that was partly merino super wash wool.  A few emails to the manufacturer and a trip to the good yarn store to pick up a few free balls righted the problem.  Who wants wood fibres in their yarn?  I was also sad to learn that having three knots per ball is okay according to industry standards.  :(  Even one of my replacement balls had four knots.  So sad.

And now I am on to my third blanket using the same pattern.

This will be for Lisa to give to a college friend who is expecting a baby girl with her husband, this summer.  Lisa picked the yarn colour.  Her friend hates pink and any girly colours so aqua it is!  I didn't want to tempt fate with a new pattern as I want this one to be perfect for gift giving.  A Granny's #1 Imperfect will not due.  LOL  My next baby blanket will be of a new pattern.

And I will leave you with a photo of my favourite visiting pup.... Sophie!  She belongs to Lisa's boyfriend, Steve.  She is a sweet girl who gives me lots of kisses and steals my heart with each visit.  This one may end up in a LO.

Wishing you all a wonderful Spring day!  We have flurries today.  :(   No Spring for Alberta.



  1. Oh the pup is so cute!!!! My friend's son moved home with his dog and girl friend. He has the cutest dog!!! Lola is her name. She is a mix with Pitbull in her. But, boy is she a good dog!! So good, so friendly and SO cute!!! Maybe I can get a pic of her next time I am over.

    Your blanket looks wonderful and so soft!! I am sure your daughter's friend will love it. :)

    LOTS of fresh snow here this morning along with a 2 hr delay in school start times. Yep, we got that much snow. And boy oh boy!! Is it WINDY!!! No spring here either. Forecast through next Friday isn't looking so good. Snow/rain mix all next week. Ugh!

    1. PS... your tags are so pretty!! Even though most was done by the LSS, they are still beautiful and inspiring. (got distracted by the cute puppy face. LOL)

  2. So sad that you still don't have real spring weather yet! Here in South AL it has been high 70 s and sunny all week. Plenty of April showers though, today is rather dreary and I think a cold front is behind this rain. I actually have a whole weekend off ( which never happens) so I was looking forward to a few sunny days! Lets hope the rain moves thru quickly!!! I love your tags, vintage is my thing as you know! The blanket is going to perfect too!

  3. Those tags are stunning - I love anything a french touch to it.


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