Saturday, May 4, 2013

Around the House....

These bright and beautiful floss colours...

have me wanting to stitch owls in every free minute of my day.

These old eyes of mine are not nearly as excited about the idea.  They are scolding me for my choice with a constant eye strain headache.  Hmmm  Do I listen or just pop some Tylenol and continue stitching?  ;)

Yellow daisies are brightening the kitchen.  Well... maybe not for much longer.  This photo is a few days old.

It is finally BBQ weather!  Although, the big guy has been BBQing through snow storms for a few months now.

The "big guy"  is not so much anymore.  He is 20 pounds down!  On the HCG diet that is fast and quite amazing.  I'm not sure I am brave enough to follow along.  Needles are involved.  :(

I have started the second year of my five year journal.  I debated skipping a year to make the journal last longer but decided that it would be fun to record two consecutive years.  I might skip 2014.

Looking at "Shaggy Maggie" has me thinking that it is time to make an appointment for grooming.

New yarn is calling out my name to be knit up into a blanket.  Oh, so many crafts and never enough time.  ;)

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  1. A nice collection of chat! I'm the same with my eyesight..I don't think I appreciated it enough 20 years ago..

  2. Oh my eyes don't like the needle/stitchery work. Probably why I haven't really worked on it. I need LOTS of natural light if I am to make it easier. Loving the owls. I will cut you a few (and Susan too). Thinking about your love of birds and the owl art work in your scrappy space, made me go search for owls in the Sil. store. ;) Not so sure I could to that diet either.. hate needles!!

  3. Love those owls!! And that yarn. I put my journal away and will continue again in 2014. Maybe something new and exciting will be happening by then. ;-) Right now it just seems like the same old same old.

  4. Such a nice little peek into your day to day life Jennifer. Well done to your hubby on loosing all that weight and yes, I would defintely not be keen if their are needles involved. Lol! Hope the weather continues to get better for you and happy barbequeing!! :)


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