Monday, May 27, 2013

Greetings from the Bird Geek

I am still enjoying having a beautiful Tree Swallow couple nesting in my backyard.  They spend their days building their nest in our birdhouse.  They began mating last week.  Soon enough they will be busy feeding babies.

The female has given me a couple of frights.  First there was the flying into the door incident.  Thankfully she made a full recovery.  Only a few days later she had me worried as I watched her continuously fly up and flutter against our kitchen window.  It went on for hours.  At this time, her mate was nowhere to be seen.  So strange as they are always together. I wondered if something had happened to him.  Eventually she tired and flew away only to return with her mate the following morning.  I was so happy to see them together again.

I was finally able to capture some photos of the female.  She is so relaxed and allows people to come quite close to her.

My hope is to eventually photograph the little ones!



  1. Awwww, Jen!! These are such great photos!! I can't wait to see these on a page.

  2. Stunning photos of your little swallow. That must have taken a lot of patience to capture.


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