Thursday, May 16, 2013

House Guests

If you have been following my blog for any length of time, you may be aware that I am a bit of a bird geek.  These little feathered friends just make me happy.  One of the best things about leaving the condo and coming back to a house with a yard is that I have songbirds to enjoy once again.

Last Sunday a couple of Tree Swallows swooped into the yard in a furry.  They decided to move into a new birdhouse that we had just put up a few weeks ago.  We watched them begin the nesting process, before it was time to leave to visit my mother in the home.  By the time we got back, they had left the new construct and were hanging out at one of the older houses.  I regret not buying a filler for the house to help start them of with the nesting.  They must have figured that a pre-existing home would be less work.  Smart birds.  I agree.  ;)

This morning I heard a thump at the back door.  When I looked out, the female was sitting on the deck stunned.  The male was sitting close by.  When I opened the door to check the bird, the male flew off to the lawn chair and watched.  She wasn't moving her head and sat still.  I came in as not to scare her.  After awhile,  I opened the door again and was happy to see her fly off.  My only worry was that she would fly off to die somewhere.  I watched the male sit alone on the fence and wondered what his life would be like without her.  Would he find another mate at this point in the season?  I hoped he would.  Soon enough she returned.  Reunited!  I have some photos to share.

The happy home owners.

The female is taking it easy today and doing lots of fence sitting.  I hope she is okay for mating.

The male is quite chatty as you can see in these photos.

Oh he is a beauty!

I am happy to report that the neighbourhood I am in also has a pond just around the corner from my home.  I walk to it daily to watch the activity.  There are at least 3 couples of Canadian Geese who share the pond.  The pond at the condo only ever had one couple as the male was quite aggressive and would chase off any other couples who arrived.  Yes, 5am geese fights were often heard.  Too bad because that slough had enough room for many geese to share.   In chatting with my previous neighbours, I have learned that he is back again this year and dominating the waters.  LOL

A few days ago we were talking past the new pond only to spot these beauties!

They are American White Pelicans.  They are huge!  They were there all day and then I spotted then flying overhead early the next day.  Sadly they have moved on.  It would have been thrilling to have them near by.  Apparently they live for 26 years!  They nest between April and August and both parents sit on the eggs.  They are social birds and live in colonies so I guess they went off to find the others.

So here is the official springtime warning.....  With so many geese on the new pond,  some photos of new little goslings are soon to follow.  Okay maybe more than some photos.  ;)   One mama is sitting already.  I'll have to bring over the binoculars to see if I can spot more.

Wishing you a wonderful day with something beautiful from nature to enjoy.  :)



  1. We have that kind of swallow too. I love hearing the birds. My hummer birds are looking for their feeder. I need to get that filled. I would like to add more feeders around the yard to watch. What I do miss are my chickadees and cardinals. We have lots of red winged black birds and those killdeer. Those killdeer are the most annoying bird!! The geese are back. I am not sure and not sure how to tell if they are the same family that come back. I do enjoy watching them though.

  2. Jennifer-I love the birds and beautiful photos. Here's the link to the page of my first page using the items you sent me:

    You made it easy! Thank you!

  3. Great photos! Too bad the pelicans moved on. I'm still waiting for birds to come use the new feeder we put out. Hopefully soon.

  4. Love your bird photos. We have pelicans here in MT on the Missouri river. I am still feeding the birds in my back yard.


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