Tuesday, May 7, 2013

It's a Slippery Slope

This past weekend was a hard one for me doing the No Buy Challenge.

National Scrapbooking Day for me always meant scrappy shopping.  Actually,  it meant scrappy shopping at great prices with door prizes involved.  I knew that this year would be different.  Kind of like Santa not showing up on Christmas Eve.  Wahhhhh.  ;)

So Friday afternoon found me in a scrapbook outlet store.  A scrapbooking warehouse in Edmonton who used to only have periodic sales has now opened up an actual retail store.  I have avoided going in because, well it is torture to be around the goodies,  let alone goodies at rock bottom prices.  Well, I went in with a purpose.  Susan is on a hunt for the Martha cornflower punch and I thought that they just might have one since it is an older issue.  Well, they didn't but I did spy some really good stuff and cheap.

So I wandered through looking and knew that I would eventually land at some cardstock where I could finally get some kraft paper.  I found the kraft paper at the back of the store but sitting right in front of it was a rack filled with 2 Studio Calico lines from 2011 that I have always wanted...... Countryside and State Fair. They were only $0.60 a sheet!  At that moment I really wished that I wasn't on a scrappy diet.  At that moment I really wanted to quit the challenge.

So my mind went into problem solving mode.  I knew that Rob was planning on giving me a gift card to a scrappy shop for my birthday in July.  I could wait until July and come back then.  But what if they were sold out by then. I might never find this old stuff again.  I had to find a way around this.  I decided to buy the paper and a few other goodies that were not on the "to buy list" to be put away and given to me on my birthday by Rob.  He will reduce the amount of the gift card for me by the $33 that I have already spent.  Yes, I pre-shopped for my own birthday gift that is still 2 months away.  Pathetic I agree,  but desperate times call for desperate measures!

In the interest of full disclosure, I felt the need to share this on the blog because I almost feel like I have cheated in a way.  I twisted the rules a bit.  On the other hand, I got lots more for that $33 than I would have at the regular LSS in July. The scrapoholic is now rationalizing.   ;)  Rob said to put the stuff in my studio but I refused.  It is all sitting here in it's bag in our front entrance armoire.

 It will not be touched until my birthday in July. (I won't even take it out and drool over it or sniff that new paper smell. )  I will share it's contents at that time along with whatever other purchases I make with the remainder of my birthday gift card.   Phew!  It feels good to get this latest development out there.

So wouldn't you know it that what really got to me in this challenge was coming upon some old stuff!  No surprise that it was Studio Calico.  This was my first real bump in the road.  It was a slippery slope which I navigated with some creative thinking.  I think I better stay away from the scrappy stores if I want to make it until 2014.  Suddenly this challenge is feeling quite challenging.  Time to get strong again.  Time to focus on how good it feels to have less in the studio and feel organized.  I must remember those words by Ali Edwards.... "You have plenty of supplies to record all of your memories."  This is what is important.



  1. This is too funny!!! Coincidentally, I did the same thing recently. An online retailer had a sale recently, plus a free shipping coupon code. Having a sweet little boy that doesn't mind his photo taken has me inundated with lots of great photos, I bought the Bowties from BG. I caved. Yes, I am coming clean. I too caved. But, my birthday, my anniversary and Mother's Day are all this month. It is how I justified it. Shame on me. Right now, it is sitting in a nice pile under my console table in my scrap room. I haven't even put it away in my stash yet, as my birthday isn't til the very end of May. Great minds think alike, I guess. ;) Otherwise, I have been good. The money I would normally spend on scrap goodies has been spent on house projects and new decor items for the house. LOL

    1. LOL Michelle! I love that "Bowties" collection! I think it isn't really cheating if you wait and only use it after your birthday. It is just bending the rules and that is my story and I'm sticking to it! ;) I have never been as excited about my birthday as I am this year! hee hee Who would have thought that 49 would be so much fun???

  2. Now let me just wipe the sweat from my forehead... Phew! I reckon I lived through the this whole ordeal with you while reading the post Jennifer! Lol! Well done on thinking creative. xx

  3. hehehe... I love reading your scrap diet posts! I guess there's no easy diets that's why don't do any:))

  4. Jen, call it what it is and cut into the dang paper. You have done really well. Maybe modify your plan to only buy "on sale".

  5. Hehe you will enjoy those goodies come July :).

  6. LOL! That is so funny...pre birthday shopping indeed. So glad for you that you got such bargains...and I agree you couldn't let that one get pass you.

  7. I have to agree with others, I really enjoy reading about your scrappy diet. It has made me rethink a lot of buying


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