Wednesday, May 29, 2013

No Buy Challenge ~ May Update

Well, the end of another month is soon upon us.   Time to give the month end report of my scrappy diet.

This month had me doing a few posts on the challenge throughout the month.  It started out as a hard month.  It was National Scrapbooking Day that really seemed to get to me.  Some people scrap on this day but I historically,  shop sales.  I was feeling a little bit deprived.  Then along came Mother's Day.  Yay to having children!  Normally the girls won't buy anything scrap related for me.  They say they won't support my addiction. LOL  This year they took pity on me and each gave me a gift card to a LSS.  I knew when I started this challenge that my only hope of getting a few new things this year would be from gifts.  Mother's Day and Birthday are the two occasions where I get a bit of a reprieve from the scrappy diet.  And so,  this month's post will be more of a guide to frugal scrappy buying.

I had a total of $80 to spend.  I can't even begin to tell you how exciting this felt.  It is really weird how when I think of last year's buying pattern, I often went into the LSS and would drop $80 or more and think nothing of it.  Not a lot of thought really went into what I purchased.  If it was pretty,  I bought it.  That is what landed me in a spot of feeling overwhelmed by having too much stuff.  This time with $80 in my pocket,  I knew that lots of thought would go into each purchase.  I wanted the most bang for my buck.  I knew that I would focus on paper.  It is cheaper and it really is my favourite supply of all.  Embellishments are more pricey and sometimes you can make your own from paper.

Here is what I got for $80.

My first task was to go through manufactures that I am attracted to and to only choose a small sampling from each collection that I liked.  I carefully looked at each sheet of paper.  It had to have something "new" about it to qualify for purchase.  If it looked like something I might already have,  I passed it up.  After all,  I plan on mixing the new with the old as a way of using up more of the old.  I also looked for paper that had lots that could be cut out of it,  to use for layering and embellishment.  Here are the bits of the collections that I collected.

Studio Calico "Here & There"

Studio Calico "Sundrifter"

Studio Calico "Atlantic".  I plan on punching all of the circles out of this paper.

Studio Calico "Snippets"

AC "Lucky Charm"

Crate "The Pier"

Cosmo Cricket "Sweet Disposition"

BG "Hipster"

Next I selected papers where I could cut lots out in the way of tags and borders.  These can be mixed with papers on hand to give old stuff a new vibe. That top right hand sheet is MME "Sweetest Things" and was half price!

In choosing embellishment, I looked for items where I got many for the money spent.  It had to be different from anything I had at home.  I picked up the SC Flair at Homesense.  Last years line.  14 badges for $2.99.  Score!

If you look within these supplies that I have already shown you,  you can see that I tried to get a bit of the newest trends for this year.  Missing out on the new trends has been the hardest thing about this challenge.  It still amazes me that each year, the designers come up with something new that stands out as different.  I think I captured a taste of the "new".

Arrows... Can't get enough of them!

Negative Space Teardrops... What are these things called, anyway?

Nautical...  For all of my seaside photos taken in the prairies of Alberta.  LOL

Speech Bubbles...  I started the year thinking they looked cheesey but apparently I am easily swayed.  ;)

A successful frugal shopping trip!  The old me would have just thrown entire collections into the basket and bought many of the add ons.  It is amazing how the thought process shifts when there is a limited amount of money to make the most of.  I kept asking myself if I had something similar at home already or if I would really get the use for the money spent.  I am hoping that this new psychology of shopping stays with me next year.  I feel so grateful to have these new additions to the stash. Thanks Diane and Lisa!  :)  They will be kept together with the idea of trying to incorporate them in with older supplies.

 Two great things about this shopping trip.....    I am not overwhelmed by what I brought home and I got to say hello to the ladies who run the two LSS's that I visited.

Five months down and seven months to go!

Now I just can't wait to have two operating hands so I can actually dig into these goodies!  On a happy note, my mother-in-law wanted to get me a get well gift.  It was the choice of chocolates, flowers or paper.  So yes, I choose paper!  The new collection paper pack from Fancy Pants "Trendsetter".  I'll be back soon to show you all of the goodness inside this pack.  Now I just can't wait to cut into it.  Susan has offered to be my scrapping assistant and cut and hold things for me.  What a gem!  It would just seem cruel to take her up on it though.  If only I could train Maggie to hold my papers and use an exacto knife!  LOL  She is my scrappy assistant but only in that she sleeps under my desk as I create.



  1. Wow!! You sure made out pretty well with your $80!!! Lots of fun goodies there. I see some things that I have gotten in my kits. ;) Thank God for them, right? :) The only thing I bought was the boy line for Mother's Day, as it was a gift card from my DH. I have a bit of the Trendsetter in a kit too, I think.

    I have knocked out 1 double, 5 single pages and a card or two this month. Not too shabby considering my mojo has disappeared for awhile there.

    I hope your arm is better soon!!!!

  2. Hi Jennifer. I haven't been very blog active lately, but I'm so happy that I didn't miss this update! You have done very well with your $80! I love what you've bought and good on you for being so restraint. Lol! Thank God for daughters hey?
    I'm so sorry to hear about your elbow. Hope you recover soon as I can't wait to see what you create with your new (and old) supplies.
    Good luck for the next 7 months. xx

  3. You did some thoughtful shopping there and of course because we share scrapping taste I love what you bought. I'm thinking of a buying freeze here too..I get a kit every month and maybe I should just cancel for a bit and start using stuff up

  4. I love your choices. I am also still standing strong despite me lusting for Theresa Collins lines. I have only purchased cardstock and a few Crafters Workshop new addiction is playing with paint and texture paste.

  5. Oh I found this to be a very interesting post. I could stand a diet myself, so I liked hearing about your process of making choices. Thanks for sharing.


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