Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Thrifting & New in Canada

Today I decided to head on down to my favourite thrift store to hunt for treasure.  It is a hit and a miss kind of thing but today was a great day!  Here's what I found...

The amazing glass leaf shaped dish will hold some tiny goodies on my scrappy desk.  Check out that old school (no pun intended) ruler.  It is 16 inches long and they just don't make this quality anymore.  It is thick and varnished.  Reminds me of the rulers I had back in the day when I was in elementary.  I was so happy to find this book.  I was gifted with a Kindle years ago and this is the first, and last, book I bought for it.  Half way through the book, I decided that I am not an  eReader kind of girl.  The Kindle was sold and I always wondered how this memoir ended.  For 25 cents I will finally find out!  And the best part about shopping today was having my ruler wrapped in a piece of paper from an old sewing pattern.  This just might be upcycled into a lollipop flower.

In other shopping news.... Canada finally has Target!  Ours opened yesterday.  I was brave enough to venture over this afternoon.  Ours isn't a huge store.  I did find these amazing plastic baskets for the studio.  So happy to find a few more items in my studio colour.

While going through the checkout I was wishing that Kristen Wiig would be there to ring me through and welcome me to Target.  I know it would take a bit of time because after all she would have to run off and pick up a few of those blue baskets for herself before finishing the transaction. ;)  ( Any SNL fans out there?)

Hopefully I will get scrapping again very soon.  It has been a while and I am missing my creative time.



  1. Oh Jen, Target is a dangerous spot!!!! LOL It is a money sucker!!! I just dumped $120 there this weekend!! On just my bathroom, no less. Ours isn't a big Target either. But, if I want to go to the Target Super Store, I head across the river into MN and go. There is one there about 20 miles from my house, which is where Brit and I found our bathroom decor. I have a few baskets like yours, but in white. :) I haven't been to a thrift or antique store in a long time, well since last summer. Brit and Ben actually don't mind walking through. We have some antique stores on both sides of the river dividing the two states. I can't wait for a nice weekend day to go.

    1. I also have some old patterns that I will never use. If you would like some for tearing apart to make things, you are welcome to them. I have the guide sheet and the actual pattern pieces.

  2. Great finds! Wish I'd been there and seen that leaf dish first!! ;-) And they wrapped your ruler in pattern paper? I love that place. :-)

  3. The old sewing pattern pieces make great backgrounds for mixed media projects..and you can create wonderful texture with them.

  4. Wow, they really wrapped the ruler in paper?

  5. More than a little envious that you now have Target..

    and I love the thought that you bought the paperback to find out the end. I'm not an e reader girl either, so I would have been doing exactly the same thing

  6. We love Target here! Especially the $1 bins they always have at the front. So much fun stuff. Cheers to the thrift shopping. I have been longing for an afternoon of thifting and coffee to myself lately. Just haven't had time with all the packing for the move going on. I hope you get some scrappy time in soon! Sending warmer temps your way all the way from Mobile, Alabama !!! It almost feels like summer here already!!

  7. I cant believe Australia is ahead of you ...we have had Target like forever LOL


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