Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Upcycling ~ The Roots of Scrapbooking

For me, upcycling means turning trash into treasure.  Taking something that would either be thrown in the trash or at best recycled and turning it into something with a purpose or even a thing of beauty.  When you think about it, scrapbooking of the older days was really upcycling at its best.  Taking little bits and bobs that are found and using them to compile a book of stories and photographs.

My No Buy Challenge has me looking a little closer at items that I come across in my day.  It is my yearning for something new in my stash that is motivating me.  Am I sounding a bit desperate?  ;)  I do keep a little drawer in the studio where I put things that I figure I may be able to upcycle in a page at some time.

Yesterday, while driving in Rob's car I spied a map sitting in the console.  Curiously,  I opened it up to see what I can only describe as a Studio Calico kind of vibe.  It was a free map given out by our community showing where all the bike paths are.  I immediately asked if more were available and could I have this one.  When we arrived home, this is what I created.

Then I went on to making a few more with the sewing pattern paper I received at the thrift shop.  Love the primitive look of these.

Here is a peek at some of the items in my upcycling drawer.

Drink coasters from a restaurant.  I pulled them out from under the glasses as soon as the waitress left the table.  ;)

Packaging from a make-up kit.

Scrappy packaging.  There is something about these cards that make me think that they should be used together.

What is left when you peel the sticker away is awesome negative space!  I'm just waiting for the next CSI challenge that calls for gold.

This bus ticket was given to me by Diane.  She thought she was being funny and pulled it from her pocket to give to me to use on my page as she stood by my desk and I scrapped.  She looked at me like I had rocks in my head when she saw my excitement and I quickly squirreled it away in my stash.  Ha

This crisp paper bag from the card shop must be turned into something.  Check out the print.

And a few more items....

These are for a future Ikea LO. Scraplift idea from Sian.

I plan on punching these letters out.  It was a Christmas promotion at our retailers last year.

This "tuit" coaster is available free at the LSS in Edmonton.  It is a "get to it" theme and advertises some of their services.  Free for the taking.  I have to find a use for this on a page.

And of course there is always embellishment to be salvaged from greeting cards received.  Check out these butterflies on my Mother's Day card from Lisa.  Not sure if I can part with the card though.

I love how an upcycled item can add so much originality to a page.  The downside to it is that it is sometimes hard to incorporate these items into a page.  But when it works, it works in a big way.

Well I am happy to say that I am off to the LSS today.  The girls gifted me with scrappy gift cards for Mother's Day!!!  Historically they don't encourage or support my scrappy addiction but this year they must be seeing it differently since I am not buying.  I am so excited to get to go and pick out some new items..... I mean sooooo excited!!!  LOL   Mother's Day and my Birthday this summer are the two occasions this year that will give me a bit of a break from the diet.  These new items will motivate me to get through to 2014.   I plan on using the certificates frugally and wisely.  I'll be looking for the most bang for my buck but also looking for newer trends that will update my older supply.  I will be sharing my finds and buying strategy at the end of the month in my update.

Wishing you all a wonderful day!



  1. I love those hummingbird embossed circles!! I really should do a LO about IKEA. The fact that Ben loves going out there... he has to have a paper ruler, the pencil and list. He also has to stop and measure EVERYTHING!! That in itself is a story!! If you want to get out of there in a reasonable amount of time... never bring the boy. LOL I have some old patterns. ;)

  2. Those map flowers are totally awesome!

  3. Found you via Suzanne's blog. Great looking flowers. By the way, I am just south of you in Montana and another Canadian.

  4. You really have some amazing finds there Jennifer! I can see why you have kept all of them. Maybe you can incorporate the card with the flowers attached to them in a layout? Just an idea. Enjoy your shopping! Thank goodness for Mothers Days and birthdays hey? :)

  5. What a great post this is! My favourite kind of scrapping is definitely old style with bits and pieces from all over the place included. You have a great magpie eye :)

  6. Ok those map flowers seriously rock


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