Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Zombies in the Kitchen

My Big BG Giveaway can be found here!

As promised, here is a peek at the first,  in my series of Zombie cross-stitch kitchen towels.

This one is for sale in our Etsy shop.  I know it will take the right buyer but I figure if it doesn't sell, I have the perfect gift for Lisa and Steve.  They are total zombie fans and would love something quirky like this in their kitchen.  Actually, if it does sell, I plan on making a new set for them.

But for now, it is adding a quirky, scary and random touch to our otherwise pretty, dainty and traditional shop.  Sorry Susan.  ;)



  1. LOL Looks great - as far as zombies go. ;-) LOL

  2. I like it and I hope it finds just the right owner

  3. Great stitching x
    I will be sending to you in Sians swap :)
    You can e mail me
    so we can chat :)


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