Thursday, June 6, 2013

It's Like Christmas

When Sian announced that she was organizing The Great Big Swap of Very Small Things, I signed up immediately!  I had never participated in a swap before.  This was the perfect chance to bring some new items into the stash and still be on task with my No Buy Challenge.  It was also an opportunity to let go of some of my existing supplies.  It was so much fun going through my stash and packaging up an assortment of goodies to send off.

Next was the excitement of receiving my gift which  arrived the other day..... all the way from the UK.... packaged up lovingly by Sheena.  I plan on keeping that awesome gold postage sticker with the queen on it!

Here is the beautiful assortment of goodies.  I can see how much thought was put into collecting supplies that compliment each other so well.

So excited to have these stamps from the UK!

Love this handmade tag!

Look at these other amazing tags!

And..... diecuts from a Silhouette!!  Yay!!

Thank you Sheena for all of these lovelies.  You spoiled me!  And a big thank you to Sian for organizing this swap.  It was so much fun!



  1. What a nice selection of items that includes things we haven't seen around here! Love those die cuts too.

  2. I love it that she included some dainty Silhouette cuts for you to use. I am sure we are going to see some of these beauties on your pages soon.

  3. Honestly it has felt like Christmas here every time I have seen a new picture of a parcel popping up! I've had a lot of fun with it and even have thoughts of something new before the end of the year. Thanks for being part of it

  4. I'm so pkeased you liked it all xxx

  5. What a fun gathering of goodies - you'll enjoy using those.


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