Friday, June 14, 2013

On Our Evening Walk....

...we go down our street and through a park.  Then we come to the best part, a trail.

Puppies love to sniff around.

It is shady and smells so fresh.  The leaves rustle in the breeze.  A tiny stream of water trickles.  Little nooks off the trail catch my interest.

It is scattered with Wild Alberta Rose bushes,

and lots of wild flowers.

The sun peeks through the tall trees.  The perfect opportunity to capture a true lens flare.

Then we come out at our new "slough".

The goslings have hatched!  Mama had been sitting for quite some time. They look about one week old.  But... only 3?

Red Winged Blackbirds sit on cattails and sing their shrill song.  A sound that reminds me of living in the condo.

Time to spread his wings and fly away, maybe to feed babies nesting deep within the thick cattails.

Next we arrive at the playground.  Little ones have taken off their billy boots and are running through a warm puddle of water that has collected in the sand.  Mothers look on,  probably happy it will soon be bath time.

I spy my favoutite feature of the park and wonder if one day my grandchildren will play on it.  Maybe one whose poppy is a firefighter will decide this is a favourite too.  Although, I have yet to see children play on the engine.  Maybe it is one of those things that adults assume children will love.  We forget too soon what is really entertaining in a child's eye.

Or  maybe they will be super heros like Spiderman and catch thieves in their webs?  

Time to stop daydreaming and hurry on home. Rainclouds have rolled in and are hovering overhead.



  1. Oh we got a doozy of a storm last night!! Humid as all get out this morning too. We have five ponds or sloughs as you call them in our neighborhood. I have seen one family of geese and the babies are bigger already. Still yellow, but not as little as yours. They are keeping them well hidden. Though, I haven't been out walking as much. Not as fun by yourself. Greg is out of commission. You have such a pretty trail to walk.

  2. Thank you for taking me along on your photo walk. I love your photos.

  3. You certainly live in a lovely part of the world. That fire engine is amazing: it's one of the things I need for a summer photography scavenger hunt so if I'd been there I would have been snapping it too

  4. You really take the most amazing photos Jennifer! I love sharing your journey through your photographs. :)


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