Sunday, June 2, 2013

Photo Editing

At the suggestion of Natalie, I decided to spend some time editing photos.  It may not be as much fun as scrapping, but it has some creativity to it.  I looked at buying Rad Lab but got a bit intimidated with the computer aspect of it.  So I decided that upgrading PicMonkey to a Royal membership would be more my comfort level.

Here's a few edited photos.

Thanks for the inspiration, Natalie!



  1. Hi dear Jen!!! Love to visit your blog.I´ve been so lost I know and not scrapping so much,just knitting LOL.
    I love to see everything you post here especially your layouts because you´re one of my fav arists!!! yes believe me LOL!!!
    A big hug for you!!

  2. These are beautiful!!! I love the second to the last one with Maggie peeking through the door. :) I have PSE 11 that I just got not long ago, that I need to learn how to use. I just need to take the time.

  3. I have Radlab, but I am finding more and more uses for Picmonkey. I love it! you have really managed to pull out the special bits from these photos with your very thoughtful editing

  4. Yep I have royal too, love love it, that last photo is just exquisite!


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