Saturday, June 22, 2013

She Scraps

Well I finally got to scrap last week!  Yay!!  A random and deliberately off balance LO since exact Exacto knife cutting is not really in the cards yet.  I've been using my Fiskars cutting machine and it is doing a good enough job for now.

Here's this week's file at CSI!  A terrific palette for nature photos.

And documenting our newest birdhouse.  Sadly still vacant but I have hope.  I did see a Swallow pop his head in last week.

I used a sketch from Kristine Davidson's eBook V2.

On a sad note, much of the southern part of my province of Alberta is experiencing flooding.  Calgary is in an awful mess and High River, the birthplace of Diane, is mostly under water.  It has claimed 4 lives.  My heart goes out to all of those effected by this act of nature.  Homes are sliding away and totally flooded.

Diane and Eric were stranded in Banff since Thursday due to closed highways due to the floods.  They were safe and had food and gas to get home.  They are on their way back via B.C.  It will be a long trip with the detour.  Lisa drove to Calgary the night before their rivers crested.  She was flying out to B.C. with friends for a bachelorette party.  Luckily, the areas she is in did not flood and the airport remained opened as it is on higher ground.  These girls of mine are giving me grey hair with both being in the South during this time.  I am thankful that they are both safe.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.



  1. Your page is beautiful Jennifer!! Love how you used all the shades of Green and the beautiful layering. Sorry to hear about the flooding near your area. I've seen some photos of what's been happening on Facebook.

  2. I am glad the girls are ok. The river between MN and WI is pretty high too. Nothing that has caused any damage (but it has happened in past years).

    Your page is very pretty!! I love all of the layers and the monochromatic color palette. I am happy to hear you are able to scrap a little with your "wing". ;)

  3. The floods have made it onto the news here. Very sad.

    Your page is a gorgeous combination of colours and textures. I really like how you have edited that photo. Another pic monkey triumph?!

  4. Such a beautiful colour palette. The green creates such a calm and peaceful feel on the page. Beautiful.

    Sorry to hear about the flooding. I can only imagine what people must be going through now and once the water subsides. Devastating.

  5. So glad that you can scrap again. Great layout, I hope it is occupied soon. Thinking of everyone affected by the flooding. Keep safe.

  6. So glad that you got to scrap a little! I know what you mean, I have had major withdrawals since our crazy move, and I don't have my space set up quite yet in our new place so no new LO's to share! But deadlines are looming so I am hoping to get things organized tonite and then start the creative time tomorrow. Will keep your family and all other folks in that area in my prayers!

  7. Oh I love this the lime green really pops


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