Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A New Case ~ CSI #78

I am totally in love with the palette at CSI this week!

It was perfect for scrapping this photo of the female Swallow who lives in my backyard this summer.
I couldn't resist calling it "Dream".  It just looks as if she is daydreaming about something.

I am happy to report that the baby Swallows have arrived!  Mom and Dad spend their days trading off flying back and forth for food.  When a parent returns to the house, I hear the peeping of  the little hungry ones.  I have yet to see them and hope I get the chance before they are on their way.

I am feeling a shift in my scrapping.  Wanting a cleaner more controlled look.  Cleaner lines, less layering and carefully placed embellishment.  Hmm.  Wonder if this will last.

I used this sketch from Page Drafts.

Well our weather hit a hugh high today at 39c with the humidity level.  I had physio for my elbow and the AC was not working.  :(  I'm glad I was there earlier in the day before it heated up even more, especially since the beginning of each session requires wet heat treatment for about 10 minutes.  But.... the end reward is ice treatment for 12 minutes.  :) I wanted to run off with that huge wet towel full of ice!  ;)  Anyway, a storm has just rolled through and the heat has broken.  Tomorrow will be much more bearable.  This house doesn't have central air so there is a strategic daily procedure that goes into keeping it as cool as possible.  Luckily, Rob got the last portable AC at our Costco last week.  It takes the edge off.

I realize that I am overdue with my No Buy Challenge report for June.  No worries,  I haven't forgotten. Life has just been getting in the way lately.  I'll post it very soon.  :)

Stay cool!



  1. While you are sweltering in the heat we are stuck in a cold spell. I haven't seen the sun for 3 days now:(
    I love your layout Jennifer. I love the simple lines and that it is all about the photo. It is also very trendy right now.

  2. I love your page!!! The photo really shines on there. Great one too of your feathered friend. :)
    I can empathize with the heat. It has been very warm and humid. Thankfully no storms have come of it yet. Mid to high 80's is our forecast. Greg is liking it better than the 90's.

  3. Love the relative simplicity of this. I really should get scrapping but knitting has taken over once again. Too many hobbies, too little time for them all.

  4. Another beautiful page Jennifer!! Love that Chevron paper in the background!

  5. This page is gorgeous Jennifer! The photo is beautiful and I love the title with it.
    It seems unreal that its so hot in your part of the world, while we are freezing! :)

  6. This page is fab - even if you are going for a cleaner look, the way you place embellishments always makes the most of them. Love it!


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