Monday, July 1, 2013

Happy Birthday Canada!

We are 146 years old!  Here are a few images of celebrations.

Mountie, Safety Bear & me

Canoe ride

Helping hand

Exotic bird

I love to boogie... crazy dancing bird

"Thanks for holding the umbrella.  This was the wrong day to wear my cloak."

Sand carving

Tacky tourist ;)

Children at Play

Proud to be a Canadian


Yellow love



  1. Love the tacky tourist! LOL Looks like there was lots of fun happening there.

    1. What makes the tacky tourist hat so ironic is that it is advertisement for a "hair" salon. Bwahahahah

  2. Poor Rob... LOL Love all the pics. Happy Canada Day, Jen!!!

    Our Independence Day is on Thursday. Melanie, from Jessica's DT, is coming overnight with her family. BBQ'ing and hitting up IKEA is on her list. The girls want to hit the Mall of America being they are right across the street from IKEA. Of course fireworks and such. It is fun hanging out with her. She has a daughter 2 yrs younger than Brit and they hit it off well when we met for the first time last year. Her son is 9 and Ben loves playing with him. I think our hubby's are brothers from another mother. Or maybe it is because they are both Polish?? LOL They are very much alike. :)

  3. Oh sounds like fun Michelle. Have a great time. :)

  4. Happy Canada Day Jennifer. Thank you for allowing us to share in the festivities.

  5. Great snaps, I especially like the first one and the flag too!


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