Thursday, July 4, 2013

No Buy Challenge ~ June Update

Better late than never, so I figured that I had better finally gather my thoughts on last month's scrappy diet.

It was the easiest month and the hardest month.  Easy because I wasn't scrapping because of my elbow, but hard because boredom and no creative outlet usually leads me to the LSS for some creative shopping!  LOL  I know that if I had not been doing the challenge, I would currently be looking at a pile of pretty much unopened shopping bags and feeling overwhelmed.  And so for this reason,  I am thankful to be on this challenge.

The best part of the month was when I received some happy mail from Michelle.

We did a swap where I sent journaling cards and items for layering, in exchange for cuts from Michelle's Silhouette!  I am so thrilled to have some of these amazing diecuts that I see popping up on everyone's pages lately.  I so appreciate the time and effort that went into cutting all of these images.  Thank you Michelle!  :)

This past month had me thinking about my scrapbook magazine buying habits.  Since I am trying to use scrappy dollars more effectively,  I have been pondering just how much creative inspiration I am getting for dollars spent.  Years ago, before I discovered the online scrapbook community,  the magazines were my lifeline to creativity.  I would pour over a new issue taking notes on techniques I wanted to try and colour palettes that inspired.  This was before sketches were the rage and so I would examine the design of pages, breaking it down into a sketch in my head so I could copy the design.  I loved seeing the advertisements of new paper line releases and loved the profiles of scrappers, especially when they showed their studios.  Yes, these magazines were worth their weight in gold!

Fast forward to the present.  The computer gives me all of this inspiration and more on a daily basis.  When I do buy a magazine, I may bookmark a couple of pages where something sparks my interest and then eventually file the magazine away and forget about trying whatever it was I saw.  Although I buy fewer magazines than in the past, I know that I am not getting my money's worth out of them.

So in the interest of making use of these magazines in my studio, I have a plan.

I am going through each magazine and clipping out the things that inspire me.  I will put the clippings into this journal, might even add a little washi tape to make it look pretty.  ;)  I will take notes on what I am planning.  Hopefully this will motivate me to actually put some of these idea onto pages.  It will also feel good to clear out some room in the studio by getting rid of the magazine collection.

I know that some days do call for a trip to Chapters, a look through the newest issues and then some time sipping a Starbuck's latte while looking through my purchase.  At least I will know that there is a better chance of actually putting inspiration to page thanks to my journal of ideas.

I'm at the half way point of the No Buy Challenge!  Six months down ~ six months to go!



  1. Congratulations girl!! Six months is a huge accomplishment!

  2. Congrats on reaching the halfway point!

  3. i remember the first scrapbook magazine I ever bought..I spotted it in the newsagents and I had never heard of scrapbooking, but it just pulled me right in. I took it home and read it through and went to bed and then couldn't sleep so I got up and read it all over again! I do find it very hard to let go of magazines. I need a clear out too

    Half way! Hurray!

  4. Huge congrats on reaching the halfway mark Jennifer! That's a huge achievement!
    I hear you on the magazine thing. I have heaps of magazines. When I get the chance (which isn't very often), I tear out what I want to keep, stick them on white printer paper and file them in A4 plastic sheets. That way I can easily replace old ones with new ones. I love your journal idea though. Much more 'user friendly'. ;)

  5. Love the idea of swapping goodies with friends :). I'm the same with magazines. The have lost their broad appeal that they once had.

  6. Congratulations Jennifer. You have a good friend in Susan..those cuts are amazing. I am also going well. Have quite a few empty scrapbook trays as I work my stash. My DH took pity on me and bought me a MME line from Scrapbook Generation at less 30%. To say I am excited about receiving new goodies is an understatement. You would imagine that I am totally deprived.

  7. I like your idea of a no-buy challenge. I never subscribe to more than one scrap and one home magazine at a time. And I usually purge them after they are 2 - 3 years old, so my supply is manageable. I like your idea of clipping and journaling ideas though.


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