Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Taking a Break

Recently, I have been pondering blogging.  Although I have been blogging since 2009, there have been times when I have considered slowing down or even stopping.   As of late, my scrapbooking creativity has been at an all time low.  The mojo has been missing.

I made the decision to step down from my DT position at CSI.  It is hard to scrap when the creativity and mojo just isn't there.  I can't say enough "good stuff" about Debbi and this amazing group of ladies.  If you are looking for tons of inspiration and the warmest and most supportive scrappers you will ever find, here is the place.  They are wonderful.  So now I am officially a retired detective.

And so, I have decided to take a break from blogging.  I'm not sure how long I will be gone.  Time will tell me if I really miss this spot. Who knows, maybe a break will help the scrappy mojo to return.

But for now, you may find me running around my community with Rob taking photographs....

....or sitting in my backyard knitting a dishcloth for the Etsy shop.

Have a great summer all!



  1. :( I will miss seeing all of your feathered friends and hearing what you have been up to. I do totally understand it though. I am kind of there with you... right now teetering on that proverbial fence. Enjoy your break.

  2. I totally understand about not having any mojo for a beloved hobby. I use to crop with friends every Friday night for over 2 years. When we slowed down it was almost hard to start again. Right now we barely do one evening a month. It has also dwindled from 8-10 of us to 2-4 of us. I personally have had many motivational struggles myself. So many reasons!

    Have a wonderful summer. I will miss your no buy challenge posts.

  3. Jennifer, I have been reading your blog for about 2 years and you have given me so many ideas that I want to thank you for. I will miss your feathered friends and all your wonderful layouts of T and your dogs. I wish you lots of luck.

  4. I have been a faithful reader for almost 2 years as well! I won't lie I am going to miss reading your posts, you always give me great inspiration and put a smile on my face with all your photos! I totally understand about the break, it's time to get out and explore and enjoy the summer and your surroundings!! I can't blame you for it. After all, it's your blog and no one can tell you how or when or how much to right. I often find myself feeling bad about updating, like life has gotten in the way, then I remind myself that if I wasn't busy with 'life' I wouldn't have anything to blog or scrap about in the first place! Right? I do hope you join up for a blog hop I am partially hosting on July 26-31 for Frosted Designs. I am giving away a nice bundle of stuff :) you will be missed! Sending you good vibes from Oregon~ Katie Marie

  5. This is really sad news Jennifer! I can totally relate though. I have often thought of giving up blogging... I will miss your cheerful posts and monthly updates on your 'no buy challenge'. Hopefully your mojo will return someday soon... Until then, good luck and take care. xx

  6. Enjoy your break Jennifer. Enjoy the summer, spending time with your hubby...but please come back. We are going to miss you.

  7. Hi Jen. I've been away from the computer while travelling, so I'm sorry that I'm only catching this news now. I'll certainly miss you..but I do understand how sometimes taking a break really feels like the right thing to do. I hope you have a good summer enjoying all the crafty activities you love and I'll be thinking about you every time I dip into your wonderful selection of embellishments you sent. Stay in touch all the same. Please!


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