Wednesday, August 28, 2013

No Buy Challenge Update ~ Did I Say One Year?

Oh, the No Buy Challenge.

It seemed like such an easy declaration this past January.  Ha, What is one year?  It will be tough, but doable, I thought.  Then August came and I fell victim to my old buying habits.  Was it because I wasn't blogging and lost my accountability to my readers?  Was I grasping at straws to kickstart my mojo?  Maybe I just felt like having some fun shopping for supplies?  I am not ready to declare my challenge an epic failure, only a failure.  I am still feeling pretty proud that I did as well as I did and managed to stay the course for six months.  Here's how it went down.

With July came my birthday,  along with gifts of scrappy supplies from Rob, Susan and my parents.  I was still on task at this point, I guess. ;)   Then on my birthday, a Silhouette Cameo was given to me by The Big Guy.  Yay!! Thanks Rob!  He had ordered it months earlier and it was hiding in his office at work.  This gift made me feel like I had kind of cheated the challenge but I rationalized that it was a gift and I really had no control over it's purchase other than the fact that I did express interest repeatedly for one of these amazing tools. ;)  I didn't care.... I had my amazing Silhouette and I was happy and actually still am.  {On a side note, I am still a bit afraid of figuring this thing out.  Technology, why do you scare me so?}

So by the end of July, I was on shaky ground with the challenge.  Then by August I really fell off the challenge. Just went to the LSS and bought stuff.  It was these amazing new lines from Teresa Collins and Fancy Pants!  They followed me home.  At this point I surrendered.

But... I always look for the silver lining and choose to see the positive of this challenge.  I have learned some valuable things over the last 6 months.

(1)  Having less "new stuff" makes it easier to find, use and enjoy,  the "new stuff" as well as the old stuff.  I have reduced my supplies between doing some giveaways, swaps, donations and most importantly, not bringing new stuff in on a continuous basis.

(2)  Looking through a collection and only buying papers you love instead of the entire collection automatically,  can really stretch the budget.  {Clearly, I forgot that I learned this when last week I bought those 3 new collections.  ;)}

(3)  There is a supreme feeling of pleasure in finding older supplies at great discounts because you didn't run out and buy it when it was new.  My HomeSense gets in supplies that have been released only 6 months earlier and look at these amazing prices.  $5.99 for 4 packs of BG embellishments and $3.99 for a mini paper pad!   Peachy Cheap is also an amazing spot to pick up bargains!

(4)  As with everything, there is balance and moderation.  Sometimes it is just fun to go out and shop for goodies but, it is also good to have restraint and shop wisely.  Shopping for supplies less often will make it more of a treat.

I am hoping to maintain this balance.   Already, I am feeling that so familiar feeling of being overwhelmed due to my recent purchases.  So I will try to stay away from the LSS for a bit of time.  I can already feel the shift that I am a much more frugal shopper than I used to be and for this shift, I thank the No Buy Challenge!  I salute any scrapper out there who successfully completes a year with no shopping. In my opinion,  it is an accomplishment of epic proportions.

And so I say goodbye to the No Buy Challenge.  I failed.... and I'm okay with that.  ;)



  1. I think you did very well with it. I don't think getting the Cameo for your birthday counts. 7 months is pretty good!!! And to make you feel better, when I dropped my stuff off last week at the scrapbook store having the garage sale, I bought a package of enamel dots and a few sheets of paper and a 12x12 sticker sheet. Those were things I hadn't seen anywhere else local to me. My Home Goods doesn't have scrap stuff. Or if it does, I wouldn't know. I don't go shopping all that much other than Target, the grocery store and home improvement stores with Greg. I still think I did pretty good, because I didn't spend all that much at the scrap store and I bought with a purpose as these match photos I have taken (Door Country trip and county fair pics from a few years ago). I honestly do count your purchases a fail. If it changes your thought process of purchasing supplies and helps you use it up, it is a win.

    1. I meant to say, I *don't* count your purchases a fail. Tired and can't type tonight. Long day!

  2. You did really well!!! Technology scares me too... Lol! :D

  3. I think six months is brilliant! I've been doing some tidying this morning and I can really say with some conviction that having less stuff is the best way to appreciate what you have got. I started sorting through and finding some bits to give to some scrapbooking teenagers and it felt good. So, a big well done from me

  4. I wouldn't say it's a fail either. Just think of all the money you saved over those few months and what you learned about your spending habits and how you shop for supplies. It's all good. :-)

  5. I agree with Susan! You've done a great job Jennifer! Lol! I don't think I would've got past the one month mark! I so glad you are blogging again! I really missed your posts. It sounds like you are having a really tough time with your health this year. I am having a very similar year. Most my life I've been blessed with great health and never took a tablet for anything but a headache... until this year. :( From a frozen shoulder that I'm battling to recover from to a nerve condition I inherited from my mother. I am doing a great job at 'growing old' in my 40's! I will not let it get me down though, so onwards and upwards!
    Hope to 'see' you again soon here in blogland. Have a lovely weekend. xx

  6. I love your No Buy Challenge posts!

  7. I would say you did very well. Those pretty collections would have followed me home too. I am pleased with the way I am using my old stash. I also fell off the wagon and bought a MME collection when it was advertised at 40% discount. Then my friend Evgenia Petzer went to Russia and I asked her to bring the 9th wave and Messy Head 7Dots collections home when she returns :-P Considering what I normally spend to this I still believe I did well. Gosh, how fabulous that Rob bought you a Silhouette Cameo. Can't wait to see what you reate using it. xoxo


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