Friday, August 30, 2013

She's a Natural

Ever since I can remember, Lisa has said that she will never have children.  As a teenager when the other girls were babysitting to earn some extra cash, Lisa didn't.  She was never into buying clothes so who needed extra cash.  She said that babysitting wasn't worth it because "all kids are annoying and babies are scary".  When Christmas rolled around and she needed money for gift buying, I would set her up with some extra chores for cash.  I'd give her the chores I hated like washing down doors and cleaning out the pantry.  ;) She always did an excellent job.  One year she helped Grandma Shaw polish silver.  Needless to say,  Lisa is 24 years old and has never changed a diaper.

Two years ago, she started dating Steve.  Steve was already baby crazy.  The fact that he had a 4 month old nephew, Lucas, may have had something to do with it.  Steve would babysit his nephew when given the chance, even when Lucas was as young as 2 months old.  When Lisa would help to babysit, she would do anything but hold the baby.  For example, she would prepare the bottle and food while Steve held the baby.  Steve's family has been great with Lisa and understand her fear.  They never pushed her to be who she wasn't.

She no longer thinks that all kids are annoying.  Lucas surely isn't!   Great thought goes into gift selections for Lucas and a birthday party is never to be missed.  I also hear stories about how he is so much better behaved, or so much smarter than {blank's} kid.

Then along came a baby sister for Lucas last February.  Before McKenna was born,  I was quite thrilled to hear updates on pregnancy stuff.  Hmm Could Lisa actually have an interest and someday have a baby?   Yay, there is hope!  ;)  Uncle Steve and Auntie Lisa rushed over to see newborn McKenna on the evening that they arrived home from their winter get away to Mexico.  I even got a photo sent to me with evidence of Lisa holding the new little one.  Okay, she looked terrified, Lisa not the baby, but she was doing it.

Flash forward 6 months and here is Auntie Lisa and McKenna.  She looks like a natural!  Isn't McKenna just the cutest!?

Meanwhile, a college friend of Lisa's and her husband had a baby this month.  Once again I was getting phone calls with great updates on the pregnancy.  Lisa and a friend went over to meet baby Isla when she was only one week old.  Here is Lisa "holding" Isla.  ;)  {This is the little one that I knit the baby blanket in aqua for.}

Okay so she isn't quite a natural when they are teeny tiny.  Isn't this photo hilarious?  In Lisa's defence she did warn me before viewing the photo that she was not squishing Isla's head.  She knew I would worry about this sort of thing.  Isla's mom is very laid back for a first time mother.  Lisa "held" Isla like this for about a half an hour.  Yeah, I think I would have snatched my baby back.  ;)  I was the over protective kind.

I know that it will be years away before it is Lisa's time to start a family, but I am so happy to hear of her enjoying the gift of children.  Now if Lisa can just stop having "pregnancy nightmares".  So far there have been two.  In the first one, Lisa is at Wal-Mart and realizes that all of a sudden she is a mom and has a baby with her.  She gets mad at Steve in the dream, because he forgot to tell her that she was pregnant.  In the second nightmare, they are leaving the hospital with their baby girl.  Lisa remembers that they forgot to name the baby and do the paper work for it.  Steve then tells her that it is already done and he named the baby Sophia.  Keep in mind that their dog, in real life, is named Sophie.  Lisa then gets mad at Steve, in the dream, for naming the baby so close to the dog.  She knows that she will be questioned about this name choice forever.  Poor Steve.  He is always in trouble.  ;)



  1. Oh my gosh!!! This is hilarious!! Lisa, I am so sorry for laughing, if you ever read this. Quite vivid dreams too!!! Those really made me giggle. LOL

    This is so not the case with Laura. I think it may have something to do with the fact she was 18.5 when Ben was born. hee!hee! She loves babies. But, I think I may have scared her with the "Mother's Curse" that she will have a child just like her one day! Ha! She is 25 and has no desire to have kids. LOL

  2. Hahaha! This has made me laugh out loud Jennifer! How funny, with nightmares to go with it and all. Lisa has come a long way and I'm sure when she has her own babies one day, she would never want to let go off them. :) xx

  3. I loved reading this. There is hope for you to become a grandma;-)


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