Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Day with Jack

I  recently had the pleasure of Jack's company for an entire day.  I guess he is considered more "baby" than "dog" in both our family and Diane's boyfriend's family.  Why leave a little puppy crated up for an entire workday when there are other family members and dogs to spend time with.  Besides, it was the perfect opportunity to get some photographs of Jack at this best.  Getting that capture is not an easy task.  This little guy is all energy so most photos end up being just a blur, unless you get him sleeping.  I did my best and just kept clicking away hoping for the odd good shot.

Sleepy Jack

Jack in the Yard

Jack with a stick (of sorts)

Portraits of Jack

I had forgotten how much energy puppies have!

~ While on a walk it is important to walk in a zig zag pattern, stop to scratch your collar, stop to lay on the grass or randomly decide to chase after a grasshopper.  It is always a good idea to hold the leash of the dog walking beside you, in your mouth.

 ~ When you see a fly in the house it is important to run after it and try to bite it.

~ If you feel the need to play, just walk up to the nearest resting dog and swat them in the face.

 Needless to say, Maggie and Lady have been trying to put some manners on this little gaffer.  I'm pretty sure that Jack doesn't find these old girls as much fun as the younger dogs in the family,  Peaches and Sophie.  He has had play dates with them and there have been hours of chasing and face biting.   Maggie and Lady are clearly a buzz kill.  LOL

Jack is a sweet little guy who quickly found his way into my heart but,  I have to admit that recently, I have been heard telling my dogs that they had better live forever because I'm not sure I am up for more puppy training down the road.  ;)

On a scrappy note, if this little guy doesn't get my scrappy mojo going, I don't know what will.  I'm planning on making him his own album.



  1. Wow, nice photos, especially the portraits!

  2. Woohoo...can't wait to see this scrapped. He is such a cutie.


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