Friday, September 6, 2013

Body Worlds

Rob and I decided that it was time we went on a field trip.  The "Body Worlds" exhibition was on at our science centre in Edmonton.  There are 8 or 9 of these exhibits that travel around the world.  The theme of this one was "The Cycle of Life".

It was an interesting look into the human body.  The bodies are actual people who have been preserved using a plastic process. These very generous people have donated their remains for this purpose.    It was a bit creepy and my stomach did feel a bit queasy here and there.  My date had previous experiences attending autopsies so he was not effected, but I kind of live in a bubble.  ;)  It was so worth it though to be able to see the actual inside workings of the body.  I might also disclose that I have some huge gaps in my education.  I'll blame it on growing up in Quebec.  ;)  My one and only biology course was in grade 8.  Unless your a frog, I have no idea of what's inside of you.   I also have no education of geography past grade 7.  No wonder I am always lost.  Wait, where do I live?

One of the most interesting things in the exhibit was seeing the human fetus from age one week to 28 weeks.  I saw the exact sizes that my girls were when I found out I was pregnant with each of them.  Made me a bit sad to see the size of my first pregnancy which I lost at 12 weeks.  Rob said he found this part of the museum the saddest since none of these little ones made it.  It was almost hard to believe that these were real and not small plastic models.

I spent some extra time looking at the elbow joint and Rob was really interested in studying the back and kidneys.  So that's why kidney stones hurt so much!  He thinks he even may have located the nerve he pinched in his hip recently.  LOL

Throughout the space, there were large murals with quotes from famous people.  I didn't have my purse and was so sad to be missing out writing down these thoughts.  But, as Sian says, "exit through the gift shop", and here they had a booklet put together with photos of these murals.  Here's my favourite quote!

So, if Body Worlds shows up in your neck of woods, I would highly recommend taking a boo.  I think that every young person should get the chance to see the lungs of the smoker.  A terrific deterrent from starting this addictive habit.



  1. I don't know that I would have the stomach for it either. But very cool you went to see it. I am sure it was fascinating!!!

    You are too funny... where do you live. LOL

    I have to admit, I have dissected a frog several times. Required in 8th grade and 10th. My senior year, I took Human Physiology with more dissection. So, I have dissected a frog three times.. and a worm (8th gr), star fish, crayfish/crawfish depending where you are from ;), and a shark in 10th grade. My senior year, besides the frog, it was a sheep's eye and a baby pig. Lot of good it all did me. LOL And from that Human Phys. class, I had to memorize all 206 bones in the body. I will be damned if I can do it now or even name a handful. LOL

  2. Fascinating I'm sure, but all I can think to say is, "Ewwww gross!" I'm fine just knowing what my body looks like on the outside and have no interest in having a realistic look at what's crammed inside there. LOL I had to dissect a cow's eyeball in Grade 10 Biology and that was totally disgusting. We were supposed to do frogs but thankfully for some reason that I've now forgotten we never got to do it.

  3. Sounds very interesting and no doubt something my hubby will drag me along to. Lol! Not sure my stomach is strong enough for some of the things you're describing. :)

  4. They had an exhibit in Joburg...but I don't really think I have the stomach for it....much to grizzly for me.

  5. It sounds absolutely fascinating. I know a girl here who would love it! I'm delighted to hear that heading to the gift shop paid off for you


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