Friday, September 27, 2013

Documenting Jack

The Studio Calico August kit has been sitting on my desk waiting patiently to be cut into for well over a month now.  As with any SC kit that I have had, the first cut leads to a scrappy tangent that doesn't stop until the kit has been reduced to a pile of tiny scraps.  I have to say that the design that goes into these kits makes scrapping a snap!  It seems that with every flip of a paper, a new combination presents itself!  Whoever designs these kits is AMAZING!  I decided to dedicate the entire kit to documenting Jack!  Oh the exciting life he leads..... Jack in the yard, Jack with a piece of wood in his mouth, Jack on the sofa.  I know that you see one photo of a dog and you've seen them all but,  scrapping that furry little guy just makes me happy and so his album begins.  LOL

Today I'll share the first two pages that I created.  I didn't use sketches for these and let the product guide me through the design.  It was fun to work a grid of sorts although, I did realize afterwards that I basically duplicated the design twice.  LOL

It's hard for me to see cross stitches without adding a few, so I did!  The "Be Happy" title was cut out of one of the chalkboard patterned sheets of paper.  They are terrific bang for the buck with so much that can be cut from them!

The chipboard frames didn't come with the kit but worked so well with it.  They sure have a lot of potential for embellishment.  More than just for framing photos.

The splattered paper is actually packaging that came that way.  Too beautiful to throw away.  Lots of naked buttons on these pages.  I'm breaking my own rules that all buttons need to be sewn on!  These ones came with adhesive on the back and it is hard to peel it off to sew through it.  I guess I can live with it.  ;)

Love the wood veneer words!  Playing with negative space here.  The journaling card with the gold circle was actually an advertisement card in the kit.  I just punched the words out of the middle and backed it with the blue patterned paper.  This allowed me to tuck the red circular element under.

I'll be back soon with the two remaining pages created with the kit.



  1. Awesome use of the Kit, Jennifer! Love the designs on both of your cute pages!!

  2. You have found your mojo! Gorgeous pages of you furry grandbaby. I love to see how you WORK a studio calico ki.


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