Sunday, September 22, 2013

"Family Memories"

I was never a huge Teresa Collins fan until this year.  The shift away from the stark white, black and ballet pink was all I needed.  I always loved the graphics.  When I spied the "Family Memories" at the LSS on the day I fell off the "No Buy Challenge" wagon, I tried to be frugal and just choose a few select sheets but soon realized that they were all awesome! So, the collection pack was bought.  Perfect family theme to document Diane's newest fur baby. Her mini family is growing.

Here's the sketch by Liz Chidester.

Many of the sentiments worked perfectly for this knitting page.  I finally used my "Keep Calm and Knit On" stamp.  For me, knitting is the ultimate exercise in relaxation.  Our good knitting shop in Edmonton has a slogan on the front window using the word "unwind" in it.  A catchy idea since when working with yarn there is always lots of winding.  I always wanted to use it on a knitting page, so I put it in my journaling.

Here's the sketch I used from Inspired Blueprints.

I think it is safe to say that the scrapping just might continue.



  1. Wow! Both of these pages are amazing! I can see that your mojo is really back!!

  2. Mojo is truly back!! So happy for you. I love all the layers on your first layout and the circle elements and "Stay calm" quote on the second. So glad you're back, I missed your regular posts.

  3. And... she's back!! LOL Oh, I think someone found her scrappy mojo!!!!! :) These are both wonderful, Jen!!! I love all of the bits and layers on them.

  4. Love your take on both Sketches, Jennifer!! I am really loving the new Teresa Collins too!!

  5. Loving all those amazing details! yeah to getting that mojo back...looks great!

  6. Ohhhh love the first page very much!! The more embellishments the better ... there's so much to see! but of course, love the second too! Fun photo!!


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