Sunday, September 8, 2013

I Like Free Stuff

Who doesn't like free stuff?  Everyone loves free stuff!  Sometimes free stuff comes as a surprise.  Last month I was sitting at my favourite burger restaurant with Rob.  We always sit in the lounge because you get a seat faster and more importantly you avoid screaming kids.  Not that I have anything against kids but been there,  done that and I like to eat my mushroom burger in peace.  ;)  This particular evening we sat quite close to the bar.  Suddenly, a waitress dropped a tray of glasses and they shattered.  I was just outside of the spray of glass shards.  Phew!  I have a fear of glass shards and wood chips.  Something about these small menacing easily undetected pieces that can lodge under skin.  Ewww!  I know it is weird but it stems from an incident I had in the 90's that involved a sports bra, a wood chip from a clothes peg and my eyeball.  Yes, wood chip meets eyeball.  Enough said.

So back to the story, one table closer to the bar were within the spray of glass.  They quickly cleaned all of the floor area but one of those micro menacing shards of glass was sitting on the table top and before you know it, this lovely woman just waiting for her burger, leans her elbow on the table top and gets cut!  See, I told you they are to be feared!!  ;)  The manger quickly ran over to the "walking wounded" ushered her to the kitchen where she came back with a bandaid on the cut.  Rightly so, the two meals were on the house.  So maybe this wasn't the best story of getting something free.  Personally, I'll pay for the burger and avoid the anxiety of the hidden glass shards.  ;)  But for a person without my phobia, these free dinners may have been a pleasant surprise!

Sometimes you can get something for free and the giver doesn't even realize that they have given you something.  {No I am not talking about when the cashier gives you too much change back.  I always return what isn't rightfully mine or else I feel like I have stolen from her pay check.}  The item given may not hold any value in the eyes of the giver.

A few months back,  Rob and I ran into Costco for a few tiny things.  Not sure what it was we bought but in true Costco style, they were neatly packed up in a box.  Yes, Costco always gives us boxes as a way of getting us to take out their garbage!  But, not this time!  This was no garbage.  Look at this amazing little box that I got for free!!

Isn't it amazing.  I would pay money for a little box like this.  I think it is valued at around $2!  ;)  It is just the perfect little storage area for scrappy goodies.  For now I am enjoying it in it's raw form but think of the creative possibilities for this beauty with a little paper and glue.

So my rambling on things being free leads me to my last point.  Sometimes things can feel like they are almost free because they were just such value for the money spent.  In my effort to be a more frugal scrapbook shopper I felt that I had to blog about these!

These amazing little chipboard frames are manufactured by Crate.  These ones are from "The Pier" collection and I believe that some of the new lines coming out will also have chipboard frames available.  I paid only $5 and got 27 frames!  There are 9 frames of each of three sizes.

I can't wait to get creative with these.  If you are looking for inspirational ways to use these beauties take a boo at the Crate Blog.  Christine Middlecamp made an amazing mini album here.



  1. Ok... where did you find those for $5??!! I never find deals like that. Archiver's certainly doesn't clearance things out that cheap. I don't shop around much. I have become quite the homebody. Good, if you are trying to be frugal. I am not tempted by all the neat things I see. LOL Our (DH and I) plan to try and pay what bills we have left off in 2 yrs. is keeping me from shopping too.

  2. I think I'd rather pay for my meal too than stress about glass shards in my elbow or worse yet in my food. That pack of frames is absolutely the best deal ever as far as embellishments go at regular price. I still marvel at them every time I pass my desk and see the pack you gave me sitting there. Thanks! :-)

  3. I always love your stories, thanks for sharing!

  4. This is South Africa...and anything to do with scrapping is imported at a cost (with our currency $1 costs us R10.30. Another reason why I haven't purchased much scrappy goodies this year. Lucky you...that is a bargain. I don't think I want a meal in exchange for a cut on the arm though.

  5. A great story. I don't like the thought of flying's scary


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