Monday, September 2, 2013

Meet Jack

As of today I have a new Grand-Puppy to love,  Jack!

Jack is a Miniature Australian Shepard and is 10 weeks old.  He is a friendly little fellow with lots of puppy energy.

Here's the happy family!

Believe me, I tried to capture a close up face shot but all I got was a blur.  Jack is always on the move.  Here is a picture that the breeder captured.

I am booked for puppy-sitting three times this month when Eric is on dayshifts.  Jack is too little to spend the day alone yet so he can have a play day with Maggie and Lady.

Now I have a new photography muse!  Yay!!



  1. So cute! I will not show this to Greg... especially after that day this past spring, him sending me pics of Aussie pups via email while he was at work. LOL
    You definitely do have a new scrappy muse. :)

  2. Cute family. I think your scrapping mojo will return soon. :-)

  3. Ah, a new furry grand baby for you. He is soooo cute.


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