Wednesday, September 4, 2013

One Day ~ One Photo Each Hour

I have always wanted to do this photo challenge and yesterday I finally did.  So here is my day.

9:00 AM ~ Coffee

10:00 AM ~ One load each day

11:00 AM ~ Floor washing with "Dyson" & "Shark"

12:00 PM ~ Hydrate

1:00 PM ~ A trip to Michael's for sale wool

2:00 PM ~ Welcome home committee

3:00 PM ~ In the backyard

4:00 PM ~ Pruning the sole survivor of this summer's annuals

5:00 PM ~ Rob is home

6:00 PM ~ Supper @ Original Joe's

7:00 PM ~ Knitting woolies

8:00 PM ~ Sleepy puppy

9:00 PM ~ Tea time

What a fun way to look at the ordinary day.

  September 3,  2013



  1. I love this post...and your tootsies in the first photo.

  2. i would love to come hang out with you for the day...

  3. This is great Jennifer! Loved seeing what you do in a day. :)

  4. I loved this too! I hope you'l do it again, maybe at a different time of the year?

  5. I love this idea! give us a glimpse into your little world....I may have to try this my next off day :)

  6. I love this idea you just made me want to get that DSL camera out and take some pictures. Maybe this will be want gets my mojo going again with scrapping. Since the summer started I have been trying to get some long over due cleaning done and enjoy the time with my kids, so scrapping and blog both kinda got put on the back burner. My be another CKC kit just might work too.


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